Top 10 Rod and Reel Combo for northern pike fishing in 2020

You cannot decide which rod-and-reel combo to fish in the north, can you? We did the hard work to find some of the best for you here. SAM AND MARY ‘ll present you today: Top 10 Rod and Reel Combo for northern pike fishing by 2020.

If you think that all the giant predators that are capable of entertaining you will find only in the saltwater, think again — there are big freshwater giants ready for you and they are no other than the North Pike. There are not much freshwater fish as huge and aggressive as they are, and if you’d like to try these freshwater fishing beasts!

Until you head into the nearest freshwater, but don’t forget to pick the right weapon for yourself. Ten of the best northern peak fishing rod and reel combination are found below you ll on the market recently.


Combo Zebco Dock Demon

If you are left or right, this is the appropriate option for northern pike-fishing-it can be moved from left to right or vice versa right away.

You need not think about a snap-bleak while fishing for a northerly pick because its 30-inch length has a sturdy core and Z-glass, and that’s why we can’t stop raving about how good it is. By the way, a 6-lb mono line with a convenient EVA handle is spooked.

Although northern peak angling is good enough, we feel that this combination could use additional centimetres.



Penn Fierce III The Fishing Rod Fusion Spinning Roller

There is something incredibly critical to remember when fishing for a giant such as the northern pike: the blank must be able to take a beat — lots and a lot!

It is primarily because the combination of rolls and rods is strongly suggested. No amount of brute force will kill the white graphite composite material from this northern pike. And this angling equipment has been fitted by the manufacturer with stainless steel guides and complete metal side plates for further rest.

The reel is technically designed and has an anti-reverse retrieval bearing for trouble-free recovery.

Penn Squall Level Wind Reel And Rod Fishing Combo

Currently, this combo is being sold for saltwater fishing. However, as it gives priority to both longevity and efficiency, we also consider it great for freshwater fishing, particularly for northern pike fishing.

What we like is that the frame and the side panels are made of light graphite, while the central gear is made of bronze, the pine gear is made of stainless steel. And just like the other PENN entry we discussed above, this one also has an anti-reverse effect.


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Some customers claim the butt end of the handle are very likely to pop off as the product is taken out of the container.

Abu Garcia Black Max, Rod and Reel Combo for Bait Casting Fishing 

Manufacturers’ claims are sensitive and robust, indicating that this combination of rods and rolls is popular. Especially if you fish for an elusive water giant like the northern pike, you have to note every bite.

We can’t help but emphasize that vital fishing is extremely lightweight. This can be predicted as all frames and lateral plates are graphite. Line breaking is very common when you try to buckle in the massive north spike. The product is supplied with a power disk drag system to minimize this.

Moreover, the reel is equipped with a Magtrax brake system, and aluminium is machined to the spool.

Agool Telescopic Rod and Reel Fishing Combo

If you’re fond of telescoping rods as they enable you to take part in the action without hesitation, then AGOOL should suggest having your hands on this specific combo rod and reel product.

We like a lot of things about this product, and one of them is the flexible reel seat. The reel handle is collapsible, too, ensuring space-saving when it comes to putting anything in the carrying case included. It also looks fantastic, the fibreglass frame courtesy, and the decorative guide rings out of porcelain piano.

A combo includes a set of rods and reels, lures, hooks, and a range of additional accessories.

M Maximumcatch Extreme Combo Fly Rod And Reel  

This product is recommended particularly if you have never tried northern pike fishing before, and you want to do your initial fishing experience as smooth as possible.

For example, this combination of a rod and a roll makes it possible to cast long distances as it is built to taper to a very slim end, which makes loading simple and effective. It also has a lightweight flywheel of aluminium. The blank is said to consist of up to 5 carbon fibre layers to ensure efficiency.

Additionally, the product is shipped with a carrying case and a floating fly box including a dozen flies!

President Pflueger Spinning Combo Rod and Reel 

When you believe in the unbelievable force of using a braided line to pick a north pick, it is your combination. This is because the spool allows the tissue to be attached directly to it.

This beauty is robust and compact with a length of 6 feet and 6 inches. All of this is because the blank is made of graphite and the roll and its handle are made of machined aluminium. Feel free to use this mix of freshwater rod and roller, as well as saltwater hunting.

However, some customers think that loading a heavy line into the spool can easily lead to tangles.


Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning Combo Fishing Reel and Rod 

The two-piece rod design allows you to jump into ASAP service, although the rod- and reel-combination is not the portable angling necessary there.

Notwithstanding this, it performs very well when installed. The blank is made of graphite and fibreglass, and the plain tip is both robust and sensitive. It has a one-way embroidery system for smooth results. The anodised aluminium spool comes with an unnecessary bail wire for durability.

For your convenience, this combination comes equipped with EVA grips and also to hold the weight of the package to a minimum.

Carbon fibre fishing rod and reel pair, compact 4-piece Lonpar

Its Japan-made Hamai machine processes its brass pinion gear is What makes this unique rod and reel combo an absolute standout.   

Furthermore, it also has the typical bells and whistles that most northern fishing fishermen are looking for: a lightweight 24-ton white carbon fibre, reverse-bearing, thick aluminium bail rope, an interchangeable hold position, a rustproof ring guide, an EVA handle and reel knob.

By the way, the 4-piece configuration makes it simple to switch from one freshwater hotspot to another.

Lixada Rod and Reel Combo Fishing, Carbon Fibre Telescopic

It might reach 6-feet long, but this combination of rods and reels has all you need to bring you to the wonderful place of northern pike fishing.

The blank is constructed of fibreglass, thereby making it both lightweight and robust. Moreover, it has a facile storage telescoping design. And that northern pike can fight but to no avail thanks to its EVA handle. A purchase comes with all sorts of essential features, from lures, sinkers, hooks and bells in barrels swivels.

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