Review: Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel – versatile with many new technologies

The anglers are all too familiar with the Shimano brand, and almost every long-time angler has owned at least one Shimano. Shimano has been known for its thoroughness and precision in manufacturing technology, luxurious designs, high performance, etc. Every detail and every product is geared to perfection, so Shimano always satisfies even the most demanding customers. This article will review a new product of Shimano – Shimano Sedona FI Spinning Reel, a versatile fishing reel with many new technologies


Sedona FI is the first new model of Shimano that is very affordable at lower prices than other Shimano models. Features of the reel include cold-forged gears for absolute precision; increased traction; suitable for all types of fishing such as freshwater, saltwater, offshore fishing. In addition, the weight is also significantly reduced on all models that bring the most comfort for a long day of your fishing.

Sedona FI is a part of Shimano, and it brings joy to the anglers when a Shimano-branded machine is being sold at a very affordable price. Therefore, to own a Shimano fishing machine is no longer a difficult thing.


Some basic features and technologies of Shimano Sedona FI.

G Free Body: The body is designed with G Free Body technology to shift the focus down to the fishing rod, bringing more comfort during use.

Hagane GearingCold-forged gears: The system of cold-forged metal gears is a truly proprietary technology that makes Shimano products stand out from other brands. The new system gives anglers more flexibility with the type of fish they want to catch. This fishing reel is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Shimano uses the best technology to bring you the smoothest throwing or pulling process. Shimano did not make any cuts on the bearing gears, but instead, they used special 3D design and cold forging technology. Ultimately, the values ​​they bring are pristine endurance, strength, robustness, and smoothness.

Fishing line management system: This part of the reel has a roll design. Shimano tested the system for more than 10,000 throws and baits, they simulated by computers, and determined that the new design improved the throw distance and helped prevent winds violent reaction to the strings and the flight path of the bait.

Double Anodized Machine Cut Spool (Coil is lathed and forged by double electrolysis): The coil is manufactured by double electrolysis to increase rigidity to the maximum, so it is durable and stainless. Therefore Shimano Sedona FI is completely stainless which is suitable for both saltwater fishing. The coil is also designed to hold more wire than a conventional coil tube.

Varispeed Oscillation System: This feature is an extension from Sedona FE. Varied vibrations help prevent your fishing line from piling on one end of the reel. Instead of collecting the wire at the right speed, this fishing reel will change your oscillation speed to give you a better reception speed. Therefore, the collected wire will be rolled over the coil, better managed, avoiding tangling and twisting.

Single paddle handles (SE1000FI and SE2500HGFI) – The single paddle handles help reduce the weight of the machine while maintaining performance and durability. The handle of the Shimano Sedona FI also increases in size, durability, and robustness to help you subdue the big and strong fish.

Summary of some outstanding technical features

  • G Free Body
  • Hagane Gearing – Cold forged gears
  • Fishing line management system
  • The coil is convenient and made of double electrolytic aluminum
  • Varispeed Oscillation System 
  • Single paddle handle (SE1000FI and SE2500HGFI models)
  • Handles are made stronger than any other model.

The Shimano Sedona FI model sizes range from 500 to 8000. The model parameters refer to the diameter of the coil. The larger the coil, the more fishing lines your reel can hold. Usually, the more cords you have, the easier and more secure you are to deal with the big fish.

If you plan to fish in small areas of rivers, lakes, and ponds, you should choose models with sizes of 500-3000 depending on the size of the fish you are targeting. If you are fishing nearshore or deep freshwater, the 4000-8000 model will be the best choice.

Shimano focuses on improving every detail and thinking of ways to lower the price as much as possible, so that their products can reach more users. The 5000 model weighs just 10.6 ounces (300 grams), but it still provides a maximum traction of 24 pounds (11 kg).

For some reason, the Sedona FI 6000 reduces its traction to 22 lbs, but it also reduces the transmission ratio from 6.2: 1 for 2500-5000 models to 4.6: 1, which allows anglers to catch big fish easier.


These types of options allow anglers to choose the right fishing machine of the right size for the fish they are targeting. If you are a saltwater fishing enthusiast, then you will definitely need larger models. If you are fishing in freshwater areas, buy the 1000 or 2000 model.

Some alternatives for the Shimano Sedona F

Shimano NASCI 

Shimano NASCI offers many of the same features as Sedona FI. In addition, you have an additional waterproof and water-resistance Shimano Coreprotect which I think is a little better when you go saltwater fishing, offshore fishing. Of course, you still own a G-free body, forged gear system, and specific technologies of Shimano. The Shimano NASCI is lighter in weight and of course the price is slightly higher than the Sedona FL.

Okuma Avenger ABF

Here we have a less expensive option with Okuma Avenger. This one has a propeller made of graphite material and the body is stronger and lighter than aluminum, but it still cant compare to the all-metal forged Hagane gear system.

The Okuma Avenger ABF also comes with a switch that allows you to control the machine’s modes when using the bait. The reel works smoothly and has high performance, but it is not comparable with Sedona FI in terms of overall quality.

Daiwa Exceler LT

Finally, pay attention to a product of Daiwa, Daiwa Exceler LT. It is light with a rotor design, air bail, and machined aluminum handle. It has a case made of lightweight carbon material and a variety of models to choose from. You also get the Daiwa Digigear system that provides improved power and sensitivity.

Hopefully, through this review, SAM AND MARY can help you have an overview of Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel as well as some alternatives for a perfect fishing trip.  

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