Review Daiwa Saltiga 2020 fishing machine

If you are looking for a good, durable and suitable fishing machine for fishing in saltwater, you can refer to Daiwa Saltiga 2020 fishing line. Saltiga is designed to Break your record with every piece and point carefully selected to help anglers achieve their fishing dreams. Made in Japan. Saltiga is the excellent design that Daiwa can provide, the power and power that only Saltiga can provide. A high-end fishing machine is worth the money in 2020 if you go fishing offshore or pangasius fishing.

Daiwa Saltiga 2020- integrated fishing machine with the most advanced technology available today

The new version of the Daiwa Saltiga fishing machine released in 2020 will make many people dream. In 2020 Daiwa Saltiga will bring to the market this wonderful version of the fishing machine. Larger radiator pull knobs with a cooling system combined with a newly designed actuator bring strength and smoothness to the coil while the latest technological tube. With this model, they added Daiwa Saltia with all the latest Daiwa technology.

The demand for saltwater fishing equipment has been rising steadily ever since the first model of Saltiga was launched in 2002. Saltiga initially aims at a new goal for the genre and has continuously developed throughout its 18-year history.


An older version of Daiwa fishing machine

To date, in the new generation of 2020, Saltiga brings the most technologically advanced anglers ever made. Mr. Murakoshi, Saltigas original field inspector said that now, 20 Saltiga is the perfect blend of Daiwas most advanced technologies.

Daiwa Saltiga 2020 has a lot of technological improvements compared to the 2002 version

Redesigned and extensively designed from the handling knob with 20 Saltiga features in the list of the most advanced features ever, once again affirming itself as one of the best saltwater fishing machines.

The mainstay of this upgrade is the all-new Monocoque body which is a body that holds much bigger internal actuators, machined from high-end aluminium for improved durability and improved tightness. Housed in the MQ Body, a completely new actuator, providing more than twice the power of the previous version. The new MQ Body successfully represented a new back cover design, removing screws underneath the fishing machine to improve water resistance, the case is also made from advanced ABS plastic to eliminate the possibility of Electrolytic capacity with aluminum body.

Improving painting processes & finishing also extends surface durability, offering more enhanced corrosion resistance. Our engineers have invented a new drawer, boosting the number of washers to provide ten times more tensile strength than the previous Saltiga model. A newly developed aluminum heatsink knob improves cooling & cooling. A new model of ABS Long cast plastic tubing design provides improved traction performance and advanced wire management.

The larger diameter and the added thickness reduce the wear and tear, including torsion and deformation for the drive and the pinion. Compared to 2015 Saltiga, its twice as powerful.

Up to 20 Saltiga, the body consists of two main elements called the body and body cover. The MQ Body system does not require a body cap, it allows a Motor plate to screw directly into the body. As a result, the body no longer needs screws to cover the body, this development allowed a larger diameter actuator to be provided to provide the coil with more power.

From the first Saltiga, a waterproof system was a mandatory technology. Starting with rubber sealing, developing in the way of Magseal system then adding Magseal bearings. Now with the MQ Body system, 20 Saltiga finally has a perfect waterproof system.

Aluminum air rotor is more than twice as strong as 15 Saltiga. It is also 1.5 times more durable than the original Saltiga (Model 2002).

Compared to the 2015 Saltiga Drag, it is 10 times stronger and less burnt faster. We have added more washers, which means the volume is spread evenly across the compartment. By designing the rings that are slightly smaller in diameter, it runs a lot smoother.

After the great success of Magseal, Daiwa decided to install Magseal system into the bearing. By adding liquid, it creates a magnetic seal in bearings to support and reduce the amount of saltwater seeping into. Instead of using rubber seals, it is much more efficient and creates a smoother spin of the coil. In 20 Saltiga, Daiwa installed Magseal bearings on each side of the actuator like the 15 Saltiga. This structure will protect the interior of the machine and eliminate the intrusion of saltwater.

The Magseal roll uses proprietary technology from Daiwa to apply magnetic oils that alter the thickness and form of a magnetic field. When Magseal technology is tested in the spindle or roller of the spindle, it creates a low friction layout that prevents the spindle ‘s inner elements of water, dust and grain from entering.

Among all the components in the reel, the Line Roller is most affected by salt, sand, and other factors while fishing. By adding Magseal bearings to the roller assemblies, it makes the rollers remain smooth and prolongs service life. The long service life of the Magseal series roller bearing system will reduce the number of incidents while fishing.


ATD (Advanced Tourathon Drag) is the new drag model introduced for towing systems. ATD makes structural adaptation to the spool metal of the spindle providing greater spool support over the whole body of the spindle. This assistance detail of the spool help reduces the spool torsion of the load, encourages even greater pressure on the towing ring and ultimately ease the traction effect when fishing is large. The combination offers a smooth and solid traction on all pressure levels of high density woven fibre, impregnated of specially shaped grease.

The maximum core diameter and the reversal taper means that the cord can be used 100%, without any excess wires on the spool. You should paint it up to the edge of the spool in a straight line without worrying about tangling.

Saltiga is built to “break your record” by selecting every part and performance to support fishermen in fulfilling their dream of fishing. Originated in Japan, Saltiga has an excellent design that can probably provide the power that no one but only Saltiga can offer.

SAM AND MARY hopes that through this review, you can know more about Daiwa Saltiga 2020 fishing machine and make your decision when buying and using this reel. 

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