Top 7 Best Mid-range Spinning Rods you must-have of 2020

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Today, we are talking about mid-range spinning combos. Were not doing these in any order; theres no price point order to them.

Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Dobyns Sierra

Coming out of the gate, Im going to talk about a Dobyns Sierra. Not a rod that weve talked to a ton about, but a rod that Ive been using this year. I picked up a Sierra paired it up with an Ultregra back in spring and put a bunch of time into it. I used it to let clients use it really got a good feel for that rod because its a step up in price from the fury. I wanted to know how it actually ranked compared to a rage. 

After fishing with it for almost a full year, its a significant jump up. It jumps almost of a champion series in sensitivity but not in price. So I think thats a great bang for the buck spinning rod if youre trying to get out of that hundred dollar rod range. Want to try something different? Jumping up to a Sierra is an excellent way to go. And then that Ultregra, theyre very consistent reel and pair up well with Sierra. I like that combo technique specific. Thats what we talked about in earlier todays earlier discussion. 


Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Daiwa Tatula Elite

These techniques specific rods and one of the rods that I fell in love with this year, actually out when I was in Michigan Smallmouth fishing, is the Daiwa Tatula Elite. It has the AGS guides on it, but this is actually a longer spinning rod. Its a seven-foot six, super light tip. Therefore, this is a hair jig rod, a spy bait rod, ned rig rod. Super universal, but its got that more extended action if weve talked about that deflection where you can see that rod tip bending before you actually feel a bite. And this is an excellent road for throwing hair jigs, spy baits, dead rigs. The Tatula Elite with the AGS guides for me now is is a must-have. 

I paired that up with a Daiwa Tatula LT. That still a phenomenal reel, but the Tatula LT is another reel that I got to play around with, and I like that reel. Check these guys out!

Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Cashion Elite

The next one, Im going to talk about is about Cashion in the mid-range. I grabbed one to talk about in the spinning line. What I like when we get into the mid-range gear that is, we can bring a bunch of stuff to the table that you dont always see. Because when we go out a lot of times when were just fishing, were using higher-end gear. Therefore, you dont know a lot of that mid-range stuff, but theres a bunch of mid-range equipment thats really nice. 

The Cashion is one of those. What I like about Cashion its going to sound just like what I said this morning about St. Croix; they tend to be one a softer rod. Next, they tend to flex lower into the blank. I could take this rod that you cant see down to the floor, but Im folding that rod in half. What I like about that about with long rods where you can pull on that thing you can see that tip given. 

Whats careful about Cashion is even in the shorter rods, because they are a little more parabolic, you get that same thing. Thats a really excellent option that we dont get to talk about a whole lot. Paired that when I put the Shimano Nasci, thats a great mid-range combo thats not going to break the bank. Cash in has some new technique-specific rods in there left you go check those out as well. 

Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Dobyns Champion Extreme

The next one Im going to go with the Dobyns Champion Extreme. Not the entire life at the specific the 742. My personal favorite, I think, one of your favorites, the 741. They discontinued a couple years back. However, the 742 is seven foot for to power is a raw that I still use in my lineup. 

Its a very sensitive rod super light. Its a rod that you can drop shot with; you can rig on, you can throw a light rigs on. The Dobyns 742 Champion Extreme specifically is a great rod. Paired that up with a Shimano Ultregra 2500, it doesnt break the bank, but you get a lot of that higher in technology down at a lower price point. That is, you save a little bit on the reel, but that is an unusual combo.

Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – G Loomis GLX

Next one, Im going with the G Loomis GLX. We have so many ridiculous high-end ones that it was hard to pare them down. This right here, 852S JRW, is my favorite spinning rod. I havent thrown more money and gone into the super high-end because I dont do as much finesse fishing as some other guys do. I spend more of my time power fishing, so the GLX is my high end. 

And I paired that up to a Shimano Exsence, what is absolutely a very high-end real. I love that combo. The 852S JRW is my favorite combo that was the first high-end real I had ever got into. Theyre fantastic and the but I prefer Cashion when I get into that high-end. Thats okay, and its not like I prefer it more. I just feel the sensitivity matter, too. It matters more to me. You know that technique-specific that feel anyways. 

Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Shimano Expride

The next rod Im going to talk about, and weve beat this horse already all year: Bestseller the Shimano Expride. In earlier todays discussion, I spoke about when I was first introduced to the Expride line, how it was lighter and more sensitive to the higher-end gear, I was just fishing I just sat down to pick it up. This is now my drop shot rod. Its my little kite tech rod if Im vertically fishing or a little under spin like a bit of pointing on underspend that is the rod I throw it on. 

The Expride is just super sensitive, super lightweight, very comfortable, and deserves to be at a much higher price point like weve talked about. If you are trying to get into a phenomenal rod and doesnt break the bank compared to some of the higher high-end stuff, look at the Shimano Expride. Theres a reason that they are #1 bestseller on Tackle Warehouse, and theyre always sold out. They sell better than Shimano can keep up with.

Paired that up with a Shimano Stradic C14+ 1000 for plus phenomenal reel in that price point, you guys this is a combo that no matter what your price point is, you should have.


Best Mid-range Spinning Rod – Shimano Zodias

The last one Im going to talk about is a Shimano Zodias. Same thing we talked about this morning, Shimano does a fantastic job of carrying the actions between the lines. At least as of this morning, there was the Expride, and I believe it was the 7-foot light plus was still in stock, which is a fantastic drop shot rod. If you want some of the other actions, get off the back order it in the Expride, or you can step down one step a little bit insensitivity and a little bit in price, and you land at the Zodias – the actions are identical, and theyre all in stock. The Zodias has been impressive this year, taking it all over the place, everywhere weve gone on, everything from catching big smallmouth on it to big spotted bass, largemouth, trout fishing, crappie fishing. Its just a do everything, super lovely workhorse rod. 

They carry it in a bunch of large sizes and actions. Ive started using the medium-light a lot more than I used to. Thats really soft-tipped rod and then dropping down to a 1,000 size reel. Thats that same strategy for plus but a thousand size, it is so lovely to drop shot on that little rod. 

A little reel super sensitive, I really get a kick out of that. Its the complete opposite end of the spectrum from what we used to do. Well, still do with some applications, but I used to use an extra-long rod 79, he talked about how that was discontinued a few years ago. I used to use a 79 and a big spinning reel, and now Im doing the same thing with a little short rod and loving it. 

I feel like the Zodias line is kind of overshadowed by the Expride right because it is so good. However, the Zodias doesnt break the bank. Its another rod that should be at a higher price point as far as reels. Ive played with the smaller 1000s, and going up to the 3000; you know she wanted to come out the exit they have the X ends out in the 3000 sighs. There are different ends of the spectrum about lying twists, and those sorts of things, so think about that when youre purchasing a reel to match up with your rod.

SAM AND MARY hopes you guys find it helpful to pick a spinning rod, which is suitable for your expenditure.

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