How to tie a fish hook for easy fishing in 2020

Usually, when you buy fishing rods, the shop has already tied the hooks with the charge for you. You should learn how to tie a fish hook on your own, though, just in case the fishing line breaks.

Before starting fishing, you should learn how to tie a fish hook carefully. We re going to learn three types of hooks: How to tie a sextuple hook, how to tie a single hook, how to tie a double hook.

How to tie the sextuple hook 

To those who are new to the sextuple hook, the process of repairing a sextuple hook is so tricky. Now in this article, well show you how to tie hooks in as detailed a way as possible. This is a quick but successful way of doing things.


  • Monofilament: Dimensions 0.33 mm
  • Black hook (No.10)


Tie the sextuple hook

Please see the instructions below for more details on how to tie your knot.

Step 1: First, you pierce one end of the wire through the ring, then penetrate the line just pierced back into the ring, youll have one end of both charges and the other is folded wire. One side holds two ends of the line while the other holds three turns to the other end.

Step 2: Thread the cuttings through the whole hook

  • Using hand to pull two ends of rope. Pull a splice vigorously until it all lumps in. Cut the cord over (make the item shorter).

  • The long segment is folded to a width of around 15 cm.

  • Instead, tie the cord to several loops.

Step 3. The distorted parts start folding over again.

  • Tie the knot to fold at the 2 ends, cut the cord over.

So we have finished in how to tie the sextuple hook.

How to tie single hook

The way to tie the single hook is the simplest compared with how to tie the sextuple hook and double hook. Anglers usually use three styles to tie a single hook:

How to tie a hook (no ring)

This method is applied to attach a single hook without the ring for small hooks of 16 and above. How to tie a single line like this with a ringless line:

  • First, lets make a circle. This circle has to be of a diameter equal to the circumference of the hook. Then hold on to the armor bonded to the edge of the hook in the wire loop.

  • Next step: The right side of the rim should be wrapped around the tongue 5 times. A quick note is when wrapping the right loop pants over the wire into the waist.

  • Once youve done soak the whole thing in mud, to make it smooth, then drag the cable to the left end to fasten the knot.

  • Cut the surcharge close in case you are the same as a predator. For those who go fishing with the flour, youll leave excess freight from 0.3-0.5 mm. The overcharge will hold the bait longer.

How to tie a fishing hook in Universal style

The Universel single hook style tie-in is quick and straightforward. Correctly, this method is used to catch the eyelet tongue and tie the spoon or jig-bait together. And then theres detailed instructions on how to tie the Universal-style hook.

First, pierce a hook end (also known as anti-twist eyelets, eyelet hook, etc) into a loop. Note that the perforated section must length from 15 to 20 cm.

Then loop around and hold the knot to form a circle around the wire. Pierced, first, by the bell and gently wrap the reel around in 5 to 7 twists.

To lubricate, as the binding process, you must immerse the charge that is wrapped in water. Jerk hard around the shaft until firmly tied. Finally, you take the excess fee away.

How to tie one single hook with a Paloma line

Its the simplest of all three ways to tie one hook together. You must do it as follows sequentially to force a single hook with the Paloma tackles:

  • The first step is to create a circle, then pierce the start of a ring.

  • Next, gently pull the end of the loop into a moderate length, so when you wrap it, it can hook in the hook.

  • The third step is identical to step 1, and this produces a small loop. The knot is then inserted into the circle.

  • Then gently fasten the end of the belt from the bottom up into the hook.

  • The final move is one hand between the hooks, one hand lying on the hook pulled down slightly to shorten the loops. As for the above methods, please dip them all in lubricating water. At last run, and you break off the wire ends.


How to tie double hooks

The double hook has a far more significant effect on fishing than a single hook. The way a double hook is fixed has become too familiar for those who have gone professionally fishing.

An excellent double hook binding, however, is not a simple task when fishing for a new sentence.

Step 1. Start continue scrolling the target line

  • First, you need to plan two single hooks, one bigger and one smaller. The use of these blades would make it more useful to fish. If fish have both knives, it is hard to escape.

  • Then use scissors to cut a piece of string about 80 cm long.

  • Placed the monofilament within a large ring of tongue, then leave the floss, about 5 cm long.

  • The other end of the line underneath the hook wraps 11 loops. Just remember to wrap your hand up tightly. You wrap the cuffs, so they fit in a row.

  • Then, you pierce from the back of the language to the front of the tongue through the long end of the chain.

Step 2. Wrap the Monofilament 

  • Pull your hand tightly, so that the cuffs snuggle close to the body of the hook.

  • This way of binding is compelling, as the more the rope pulls into the tongue, and the more difficult it is to slip.

  • Then cut short of the line.

  • Next, put the other line on the babys ring.

  • Two fish blades should be between 1 and 1.5 cm apart.

  • Place the blades parallel to each other. The next steps are similar to the way they bond the big hook above.

  • Wrap 8 wire rods under a hook

  • Pierce the head in the opposite direction, through the slit from the front of the tongue to the back of the tongue.

  • Pull your hand tightly, so that the cuffs snuggle close to the body of the hook.

And we ended up on how to tie a double knot. Start straightening out the line, so when you finish connecting the two blades are parallel.

Both small hook and large hook are tied in this way. Small fish sticks with small hooks, large fish sticks to large hooks.

This is the most comfortable way to tie the double knot. Most anglers use the double hook method.

Above, SAM AND MARY had shown you how to tie a hook including three ways to tie three types of hook. Hopefully, these ways will help you tie the hooks effectively. 

Wish you successful !

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