Top 8 most effective fishing methods for beginners

To be able to fish is not only about drop the bait and lure, but there must be “art” of that fishing! Here is a Toplist that SAM AND MARY would like to introduce to you about A few fishing tips so you can go fishing most effectively!

Go fishing at the Right time

Timing is always an important factor when doing any job as well as fishing. Did you know that when it rains heavily, high winds and fish often escape, they dont even dive in the water to hunt for food?

Moreover, on days of intense sunlight, due to the harsh and hot light, the fish will not find for prey. The best time for us to go fishing is spring, spring is when the fish usually float near the surface, so if you go fishing at this time, the fish will easily get caught.

As for the daytime, remember that in the early morning or late afternoon, especially after the rain, the sun is bright, the fresh air is the best time to catch a lot of fish.

Appropriate location

If you are fishing in the field, you should choose a seat right at the drain of the area. Because when the water rises, the fish follow, the water flowing through the drain, it will be easy for you to catch, right?

If you go fishing in the river, you should sit in the places with embankments, rocks, stakes, bushes. Because fish often concentrate in areas where there are obstacles.

If you go fishing in the sea, you should go at night, let go in places with piles of bottoms, rocks.

Fishing locations will help you know how many fish there are!

Look at the water to guess the amount of fish.

The surface of the water is also a criterion for assessing whether there are many fish in the area or not, whether it is suitable for you to fish or not. 

According to the experience of those who have been fishing for a long time, the surface of the water has ripples; bubbles always have many fish. Be careful, when the water has shadows of people with fishing rods; fish will be afraid of and not eating prey.


So when fishing, you should also pay attention to the water surface to be able to catch a lot of fish.

The surface of the water is rippled, always bubbling, there will certainly be many fish

How to choose a fishing rod

Depending on the fishing location: if you go fishing in the river, you should choose a rod with a length of about 1.6m to 3m, and if you go fishing in the sea, the fishing rod should have a length of 3.2m to 4.5m.

Depending on what kind of fish: If you tend to catch large, you should use large rods, while small fishing uses small rods. If you want to fish some baitfish, you should choose a handy and flexible rod. To Fish Snakehead fish, common carp, catfish, should choose a large and strong one.

Fishing rods, regardless of location or type of fish, must be very sensitive, so that when the fish come into prey, vibrate the buoys, we can know 100% exactly when the fish is just trying, when the fish takes the bait, to have a close shot, got the fish.

You need to choose the right fishing rod for each location and each 

Understand the behavior of fish life

Each of us has different personalities, interests, and forte; no one has the same. And the fishes are likely; there has many types of fish, each with different characteristics, some like to live in shallow or deep water, some like to live in clear waters, or sludge, some species like to live alone or in groups, some have fast/slow feeding behavior.

So if you know these things, choosing an appropriate fishing rod, fishing machine, bait or line will not be a difficult problem anymore, right?

Behavior of the fish

Accessories with appropriate fishing rods

Hooks are the most essential piece of equipment youll use to catch fish. Having the right hook is more important than your rod, your reel, your tackle or even your line. If you dont have a lot of money, buy cheap rods and reels, but dont skimp on your hooks.

Fishing hook: There are many different types of hooks for you to choose from at the fishing equipment market. You should choose each model suitable for a kind of fish such as the J hook to use sea bass, the Circle hook will be used for carp fishing, the small hook for goby,and perch. We should use the hook as small as possible because they will be able to hide the bait to deceive the fish, fish will quickly bite.

Fishing floats: There are two common types of buoys: latex buoys and foam floats; if anyone goes fishing at night, they must have more floats at the top of the fishing rod. Depending on the type of fish, we choose to float or not. The fish with floating bait such as seabass, barracuda, shoots should be buoyed.

Fishing lead: There are types such as lead to go sea fishing, round lead when the water is strong, square lead, sharp lead. It depends on the fish, and the water to choose the appropriate lead.

Fishing line: Small fishing should use Monofilament, and large fishing should use Braid. You Should choose the type and length appropriate to the length that you need.

Fishing accessories need to match the type of fishing rod



For quality fishing, we need to pay attention to the bait. Bait plays a significant role in whether fishing is successful or not. Do not think that only good bait is enough, but each type of fish, each fishing position, has a completely different requirement for bait.

About the location of the fishing: 

  • Usually, when we learn, we know that bait has 2 forms: natural bait and self-processing bait. If fishing in lakes, ponds, we should use homemade lures such as industrial food, potatoes, bananas, and when fishing in rivers or sea, you should use natural bait is shrimp, worms, crickets, snails.

About each type of fish: 

  • Floating fish like carp, catfish, or tilapia, they often like to eat bait like shrimp or banana. For the fish that are living at the bottom level, they like to eat shrimp bait or fake bait. 
  • Additionally, if youre in a place that doesnt allow chum, use a zig rig when youre fishing in the middle of the day. Often, youll see carp cruising around the surface, and theyre just not interested in anything, thats when you use a zig rig, thats the perfect time to use a zig rig. 

Besides that, regardless of the type of fish or fishing in any location, you need to choose the right bait for successful fishing.

How to jerk the fishing rods

Not everyone knows how to jerk the fishing rods. A lot of people still lose their prey even when the fish bite the bait.

We should note the following jerk method:

  • When you see the float running in any direction, we jerk the stick in the opposite direction is the hook will pin into the fishs mouth.
  • When you see a sudden fast float, you should not hesitate, but should jerk it vertically.
  • If you see the buoy is pulled a short distance and then stop, if needed, it is just lucky because that fish only takes the bait and release it.

To jerk a fishing rod also needs “art”.

Above are some tips for the beginning fishermen, hope that ways make your fishing most memorable, hope that your fishing will be easier, and have better results!

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