Tips and Tricks – Fishing Essentials From A to Z in 2020

Today, I’ll show you “Tips and Tricks – Fishing Essentials From A to Z ” – There are many things to mention about fishing gear. Like many other jobs, fishing also requires anglers to buy themselves a separate kit. These information is most useful for new fishers who do not have much experience, only know the fishing rod, bait, and skip all the remaining items.

When fishing, fishing rods are of course very important. But except for fishing rods, the fishermen also need to buy themselves other necessary supplies

Fishhook – important fishing gear

River fish, copper fish are big and small, and the hooks for fishing are the same. To fish like any fish, you have to use a hook that is suitable for the size of the mouth to pull up. Nobody goes snakehead fishing but using perch hooks. In the old days, the hooks were bent manually with rudimentary tools such as files, pliers, big or small sizes made from brass. Later, the hook was made of steel.

The hooks were gradually imported into many stores in the market, so the manual hooks were gradually obsolete and forgotten. Except for professional anglers, with long experience in fishing, they still want to bend the hooks themselves, they believe that doing so will increase the sensitivity. 

The last thing to mention is the barb. Barbs are great for holding bait on hooks, and because of this, some hooks do have multiple barbs. Barbs can also make it harder for fish to escape from being caught.

Barbed hooks do, however, cause far more damage to fish than a simple point. They make a bigger hole, and can snag deep into a fish. This makes the removal of the hook harder.

In short, barbed hooks are great for catching fish, but barbless ones are better for releasing the fish after catching. Thats why many anglers remove or break the barbs from their fishing hook.

Fishing hooks can be produced in the same mold, but not every hook has the same sharpness and sensitivity. Every fishing trip, the hook needs to be removed, washed, and stored in a box for the next fishing trip.

Fishing lines are necessary fishing tools

In the past, when the technology was not developed, people often used silk thread or string, flimsy fabric thread folded into two or three layers. Then make them into large fibers, big enough, to ensure the durability to carry the carp, catfish, perch, and catfish. Although durable, but often soaked in water, the types of wire will encounter breaking conditions.

Nowadays, anglers dont have to worry about it anymore. Meeting the increasing fishing demand, the fishing tackle brand has produced many quality fishing lines and different segments for you to choose from. Big, small, long, big, imported, domestic fishing lines are all there, you can buy a whole roll of up to two hundred meters.

Fishing lines from many Asian and European countries have a variety of brands such as Akamoto, Stren, Suflix, Pline, Yo Yuri, … You will have a variety of choices when it comes to price.

Fishing sinker

During fishing, sinker plays an essential role in maintaining the bait deep in the water. sinker always make sure that the bait does not float, instead sinking to the distance you desire. Depending on the circumstances, drop the appropriate sinker: fishing at the bottom, adjust the sinker to keep the bait close to the bottom, while the fishing in the middle, put the sinker to hold the bait waiting for the fish.

If anglers forget to bring sinker, this important fishing gear, the bait will either follow the current or be pushed higher by the waters resistance so that the bait does not reach the fishs mouth. The size and shape of the sinker are also equally diverse: small anglers choose small ones like rice grains, big anglers choose big ones like big toes.

In other words, the weight of the sinker is different: the smallest is about 1g, the largest is from 200g to 300g, which is equivalent to the number from 1 to 300. Accordingly, copper fishing in the same big and small breed uses sinker from number 1 to number 5. Fishing in lakes and ponds, the type of choice from No. 50 to No. 70. River fishing is heavier than sinker from No. 120 to No. 150. Particularly for small-sized and unrefined fishing, sinker-free fishing is used.

When fishing, sinker lumps are often lost due to common causes such as: large fish struggling so hard that the fishing line breaks, the sinker is caught in obstacles in the water (rocks, moss, grass, …). Therefore, always have a backup plan to prepare 3 or 4 more sinker pieces, facing the risk of still having sinker to continue fishing.

Fishing bobbers – indispensable fishing gear

Nobody goes fishing without carrying a bobber (floater). The bobber is a light sponge, floating on the water, fixed with fishing lines. Sometimes go fishing rivers, anglers also do not bring buoys. The purpose of the bobber is to alert the fish to bite the bait, normally the buoy is quiet but the fish catch the bait to move.

For those who have a lot of experience, by observing the bobber motion, they can recognize whether the fish is preening, holding the bait, or grabbing the bait neatly. Not only that, but they also judged whether this was a small fish or a big fish. Depending on how the buoy movement, up and down gently click – sudden rapid sinking – lasting for a long time that deciding the jerk need the right time.

Want to go fishing enough supplies, you just need to go to the store will have from A to Z all kinds of plastic material buoys, small yes, big yes, multi colors co, very convenient to choose. Fishing often loses bait, loses tongue, breaks but floats rarely disappear, do not need much change.

Fishing floaters – indispensable fishing gear

Fish basket

In fact, the basket of fish is an indispensable fishing tool that helps lift the morale of anglers hoping for luck. Whenever fish are caught, you put them in the basket right away, helping them to live longer until they come home to cook delicious food. The basket is shaped like a gourd, flared mouth, designed with a lid to help the fish cannot go out. Fishing lines and reels do not need a basket of fish, snakehead fish is a large type, so use thread to pierce and bring back.

Bamboo woven baskets are still available at many stores. But now, fishermen want to make their own fishing baskets. Materials can be made from woven bamboo, zinc mesh, or take advantage of the plastic bag, old paint bucket. If the device does not contain water, sometimes the player should dip into the water to limit the situation of spoilage.

Bait storage box

Storage box for fishing baits is where you hold the secret to attract fish. In essence, bait boxes are easy to make at home for use without buying them in the store. You can use either metal or plastic, but the most important requirement is that this can has a lid. By using lids to ensure live bait cricket, worms, worms, … lying inside can not escape.

Besides, the lid makes sure ants do not penetrate, always fresh and delicious bait attracts fish. The size of a large or small can depends on the amount of bait you use for your fishing trip, or how long you spend fishing for hours or hours. Should bring a little excess bait because if lacking in the middle there is still bait to use. Do not make the lesson lose fun and interesting friend.

Fishhook containers

Fishhook is an accessory that is bought a lot to use gradually. The hook will be made from metal materials, typically steel, so it is easy to get oxidized rust. Now the way to store them is in a separate container. Some anglers need to be careful, then after taking the fishing trip, remove the tongue, clean and dry, then dry.

Fishing or losing your tongue, this is something no one wants to encounter, but its hard to avoid. Two causes of the hooks loss: one is swallowing the hook in the abdomen due to the cutting of the wires, the other is the hook caught in an obstacle underwater. As for the fishing line, both need lots and lots of blades, because when encountering large fish throwing bait, they can afford both tongue and rod. To avoid having fun, be sure to bring a hook for fishing hooks, which help you with your fishing needs.

A deluxe fishing kit set

Above are the fishing gears that every fishing trip must-have. I wish you a successful fishing trip.

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