Common types of fishing rods and reviews

Fishing is a comfortable and interesting hobby, so nowadays, many people go fishing to relax. However, to enjoy a fishing day, a suitable fishing rod is really important. In this article, we will share about some common types of fishing rods for you to choose the most suitable ones. 

Carbon Pole Fishing Rod

This type is very popular in Europe – do not use the machine, the type should not ring. Should be made of the latest technology Carbon material is very light, flexible and easy to use. Ultralight helps anglers feel the movement of the fish to make a timely decision to pull the rod and stick fishing.

The length of the boom 3m-18.5m is made to withdraw the advantage for throwing bait so that they often stick with the giants.


The Carassius cuvieri fishing rod (Hera)

Carassius cuvieri rod is one of the most durable rods in the Pole. If you are a professional, you have also heard Japanese Crucian carp and is the hardest fish to be named for this rod.

The body should be made of high Modulus Graphite Carbon material, tight structure, need to be very strong, easily catch the mouth of the hardest big carp. The line is usually used for fishing freshwater, ponds, natural rivers. It is necessary to have exquisite beauty, elegance, and humility like Japanese specialties.

Fly fishing rod

With its thin design and extremely high elasticity, it is used to throw fake bait, so it has the characteristic name Fly. Fake bait is made of fake nymph, fake fly, fur, feather with the hook attached,.

It is made of fiberglass, synthetic carbon fiber, heavyweight rope in order to throw bait further. Unlike other types, a fly rod that is very light is capable to throw a very tiny and light prey.

Each rod needs to be the right size for each type of fish. Fly fishing rod sizes correspond to fishing line sizes, from # 000 for freshwater salmon, to # 0 for Pan fishing. And the size needs up to # 16 for larger fish. The larger and heavier the line is, the larger and heavier bait should be used with.

The fly ring is usually the stripping ring that goes with the snake ring. Eyelets are arranged along the fishing rod at evenly spaced intervals to control the flow of the string.

Tenkara fishing rod

Tenkara rods are traditional types of fishing like Fly, mainly using rods, fishing lines, and bait. This type of sentence in recent years has been popular all over the world, because it needs to be very light, to cast simple but extremely accurate bait.

One person only needs a rod, a Tippet coil, with a Furled coil, an additional Fly bait box, plus a small grip and a fish racket is enough for an interesting fishing game. As shown in the figure, the fishing line is attached to a small line protruding from the top of the fishing rod with a Slip knot. And the Tippet line is connected to the end of the line.

Tenkara rods are synthesized from types of rods: Hera rods, Pole rods, Fly rods. The rod is extremely light, with a length of 10-15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters), made in a telescopic fashion. Many are up to 18 feet (5.4m) long or more.

The fishing line is Furled. The advantage is a very smooth, strong, accurate toss and exquisite bait show. The Furled rope also has a 10% elasticity to protect the head and torso when encountering large fish. The length of the rope should be 1-2 feet longer than it should be.

Tenkara Universal fishing rod

CanTenkara Universal is the strongest in the line of Tenkara. It is a strong combination of Hera series with high elasticity and sensitivity of the Pole line. And it converges the optimal ability to throw bait, shows unique bait, special fighting ability, simplicity of Tenkara lever.

The strength converges the power to strike strong and violent fish. Big fishing with the T-Universal rod is challenging and much fun. The longer and stronger the T-Universal lever, the ability to throw bait farther, control the flight speed of the bait better and can catch bigger fish.

Traditionally, Tenkara Universal is needed in places like large rivers, large lakes, or oceans.

Spey fishing rod

Spey rods using the fly-to-fly technique, Spey cast rods with long heavyweight, mostly made of South American Green-Heart wood, with a length of 20 feet (about 6 meters). Today, Spey needs to be lighter and shorter. This type of lever is used for freshwater trout (Trout), marine salmon such as Steelhead or Salmon.

Spey also applies to sea fishing but the fisherman must toss large fly bait and toss very far. If you are new to Spey cast to practice “Spey cast”, the advice is to use a wire that fits the rod well, and the length of the wire is about 15m, and of course, there must be a leader and fly lures as well.


Ultra-light rod

The term Ultra-light refers to Spinning or Spin-cast fishing rods, but since the Fly has long been used with small strings (size # 0 – # 3), it is also used in Ultra-light fishing. This type of fishing rod is specialized for small fishing with small ropes.

Ultralight Spinning and baitcasting fishing rods seem to be typically smaller (average 1.2m-1.68 m), thinner and much more versatile than normal fishing poles. Some Ultra-light types have to be prepared to drop ultra-light false lures, about 0.4 grams, such as small Spinnerbait, Fly wet bait …

This type of poles is used for sport fishing, Crappie, Salmon, Bass, Bluegill, and Panfish.

Telescopic fishing rods

Telescopic fishing rods are made to withstand long fishing poles. With a length of 6-9 m, it can even be reduced to 50 cm to make it even easier to move frequently and to keep it better.

All of the loops are enclosed, the tiniest, the most flexible are first and in the inner layer once the fishing rod is reduced, order to avoid an accident that breaks when moving. Components of these materials should indeed be made of graphite, fiberglass or synthetic fibers.

When choosing to buy, you need to pay attention to the more you burn, the stronger and lighter the weight should be, more evenly distributed force to support the distance, the ability to “close” the fish, and less broken. The use of a number of people who have a faulty head break needs to occur when the shortened user needs it again, because of failing to grasp the principle of compactness:

  • The fault is most likely to be in an inclined position and then attempt to close the incineration, which is dangerous. The advice is to place the tail end on a stable surface and then rotate the burners vertically downwards. When the burners have loosened, push the slide down. The second and third burning are very fragile, so be careful.

  • You should not remove the lever and close it too quickly. Be careful when handling the lever when you remove it from the car, especially if it is made of Graphite. Also, use appropriate wire and weight tossers according to the instructions.

  • When closing the lever, it is difficult to rotate slightly and push the burner back, if still stuck, keep the burning stuck with a piece of rubber and slowly rotate while pushing straight in or gently press the stuck part down.

Surf fishing rod

This type of fishing rods is constructed with a wooden handle that throws a lures with two hands, like a spinning rod or a baitcasting rod. It is usually designed with a length of approximately 3-5 m or longer.

Needed for offshore fishing, rocky cliffs, or coast. The length of the lever depends on the weight of the bait and the distance the user wants to throw the bait to. For example, if you have a 3m long stick that will easily throw a false prey weighing 56-112 grams away from 60 meters.

Spin rod and Baitcasting

Spin casting has a similar design to the Baitcasting one, with small rings on the body and a “trigger” on the handle. The ring is aligned with the hook.

The machine is horizontally constructed, on the top of the boom, and perpendicular to the body. This rod is said to be stronger than a Spinning rod, can handle bigger fish, and can handle heavy-duty fishing tackle.

Spinning fishing rod

Spinning fishing rods are also widely used in Trolling and live bait. They have a length of 1.5 – 2.6 m or longer, made of carbon fiber, glass fiber, or synthetic PVC.

It has 5-8 large rings located under the body, to increase the ability to better control. The fishing machine is located at the bottom of the rod body and the wire holder is parallel to the rod body. Many assassins need to think that such a machine makes it comfortable for fishing during long battles, increasing the ability to fully control the machine and fishing rod during fishing.

Ice fishing rod

This is a very short type of Spinning fishing rod, only about 61-91 cm long, used to fish through small holes that are launched from the thick ice on the lake.

Trolling fishing rod

Trolling is a method of fishing with fake bait, prefer for freshwater fishing, what types of watermelons eat. Also now Trolling is designed to cater for ocean fishing and Great Lake and Steelhead salmon. An effective Trolling rod should be a Fast Action and rather hard, which will be much easier when angling.

Sea Fishing Rod

Sea fishing rods to pull the giant fish of the ocean, is designed not more than 4m long, the body is very thick, strong, tough, good force, large eyelets, big head, heavy handle … Sea fishing rods are designed to knock out big fish such as swordfish, shark … of course, it comes with very heavy equipment.

Above are some types of fishing rods for different uses. SAM AND MARY hopes you have found the fishing rod that best suits you and have fun fishing trips.

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