Learn about the common types of fishing rod eye rings/ swivels today

This article will help you to get an overview of common types of fishing rod eye rings (swivels/eyelets) and the basic characteristics of each type.

Parts of an eye ring: 

  • Frame ring (Frame): Frame containing ring is designed to spread out at the foot,

larger than the diameter of the ring. If tangled wires accumulate around the frame, it will be directed to the ring.

  • Surface of the frame (Surface): The surface of the eyelets is made of Titanium, a

material with corrosion resistance, lightweight, and great durability. Titaniums gloss is also very high and extremely smooth, so making a frame will ensure less friction, the wire has no chance to “linger” to create tangles. Some other types are made of stainless steel.


1- Frame ring; 2 – Frame surface; 3 – Eyelet ring

Different types of eye rings:

Single-feet eye ring:

Currently, most types of fishing rods are manufactured with single-feet and two-foot rings. Single-feet ring is lighter and more sensitive. This type is used to attach to the types of vertical fishing rods (spinning). Although it was originally only used for the type of action that required action from Medium (M) to Light (L), it has since been improved to adapt to the large towing capacity of heavy-duty fishing rods.

Double-foot eye ring

Designed to provide extra strength when pulling fish, but lacks sensitivity. Often used in casting or large fishing rods.

K Ring -Tangle Free

Anyone who has been using the braid line for a long time cannot avoid getting the cord entangled. This is troublesome. Sometimes dangerous for fishing rods.

Since 2009, the world fishing community has been eager to receive Fujis K-Tangle Free eyelets as a solution to untangling the tightened ropes without the intervention of anglers. To get this unique ring, its engineers spent nearly 5 years researching and designing. Simply put, the K-Tangle Free eyelets help the strings flush perfectly before they have a chance to become a tangle thanks to three important factors:

Micro Ring (“KR Concept”)

Until now, the Micro ring of Fuji has been nearly 4 years old. In 2009, at the ICAST-USA exhibition, the Micro eyelets (Fuji engineers called the “KR Concept” swivel) were first publicly presented to the public, even though they were previously used by anglers. Here, Fuji experts have surprised the guests and the media with a very small (2-5mm), but admirable ring. Compared to conventional ring types, the “KR Concept” ring is lighter, stronger, and more effective in releasing heat caused by friction. This ring type is also attached to the companys latest ring frame: K-Tangle Free Frame.

 KR Concept Eyelets of Fuji brand

Although the idea of ​​developing this product deserves to be a great idea, the principle of creating the “KR Concept” ring is very simple: It is to use a combination of a new small ring with an installation formula. their position on the torso.

In fact, when using a fishing rod with the type “KR Concept”, the line out faster, reducing the “zigzag” of the wire when they leave the fishing machine and start running into the thread -pa (the nearest largest ring with machine). From there, the string will straighten a straight line and almost not touch the body needed by the design experts, increasing the number of swivel. Just put the “KR concept” ring in the right position on the body, you will get a lighter fishing rod, more sensitive and toss further.

Eyelets “KR Concept” help wire out faster, reduce the “zigzag” of wires

Many people may wonder: Which reason? When there are more swivel there will be more obstacles and thus will reduce the possibility of a long throw, the sensitivity will also be greatly reduced (?).

Not really. Multiple swivel means more contact with the wire, controlling the path of the wire while improving sensitivity. Because each “KR Concept” ring is like a very small element, it will feel the most subtle vibrations from the string.

These signals will be transmitted to the body of the fishing rod and then to the handle. Because the ring is too small and short, the signal is almost not lost when transferred to human hands. Fuji has increased the number of swivels in the calculation and control and associated with the placement of swivels, this is the key point of the idea.


In order to ensure the accuracy of the placement of the eyelets, the soul of “KR Concept”, Fuji provided designers and manufacturers of guide placement Software (GPS) fishing rods. They can apply exactly the firms ideas. The software also helps them choose eyelets and attach them to any type of stem-based on length and location.

The players who use the fishing rods have the “KR Concept” ring not because of the fad. Many professional anglers did not stop praising this type of ring. Garry Dobyn, a fisherman and a “need” expert in the US, commented that Micro Rings have many advantages to use compared to conventional swivels. One of them is the ability to throw bait in any situation.

When using Fluorocarbon strings over 15Lb in windy conditions, the “KR Concept” eyelets sprinkle 8-10 feet long, further than conventional swivels. However, if used with Mono or braid, the effect is not much different.

The most interesting thing about the “KR Concept” ring is the bait throw. When throwing heavy bait, it is very difficult for the bait to land smoothly on the surface of the water to not catch the fish. For common eyelets, to bait the glide on the water, the fisherman must use his thumb to check the wire to control the speed of the bait. Particularly for the need to ring “KR Concept”, do not need to do anything, just waving is the prey landed on the water smoothly.

Garry also said that the type of ring is according to the views of each person. Eyelets need just one tool among a multitude of other fishing tools, and some will like the other. But from Garrys point of view, the “KR Concept” ring is really a powerful weapon when fishing Bass (same family as Barramundi). Garry also shared that if a person who loves fishing, loves fishing equipment, has many types of rods with many different types of swivels, they should try one more rod with eyelets “KR Concept”.

 “Eyelets Micro is not something that will change everything, but using swivels” KR Concept “is that you have more interesting experiences and enriched fishing fun,” Garry said.

Above are common types of fishing rod eye rings for you to choose from. SAM AND MARY hopes that you can choose the most suitable ones to enhance the effectiveness of your fishing rods.

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