Useful experience in choosing the best fishing rods

In the advice to choose fishing rods, we may realize that there are so many selection criteria. Much of the information is outlined in the posts or clips about this. And first of all, SAM AND MARY should summarize the important information about fishing rods that you should be most interested in when you need to buy fishing rods for yourself.

Each persons fishing hobby is very special and very different. Previously, fishing was for middle-aged and elderly people, but now it is not so. Fishing is for everyone, all ages, genders and careers. To have a exciting and satisfying fishing experience, fishing rods are very important. This article will share experience in choosing the best fishing rods and some reliable fishing rods brand for you to buy. 

Fishing experience

For me, to have a good fishing rod, fishers always have to identify their needs. With each different fishing technique, we also come up with original ideas for our fishing rod set like a fishing reel, or a hand fishing rod.

Basically, on the market today, the experience of choosing a fishing reel will have a lot of options, from the material of the hand lever to the parameter of the reel.

In contrast, in hand fishing rods, we take shorter steps, focusing on the parameters of the fishing rod. 

Experience in choosing a fishing rod brand

Referring to the fishing rod brands, we have many different brands. In that Shimano is our favorite name, the priority when choosing to buy fishing rods for the fisher. However, the experience of choosing a fishing rod was also given when they tend to buy Shimano. This experience is that they are more reasonable for longtime fishers.

Because Shimano fishing rods are also considered as an expensive product, one of the high-end fishing combo of fishing rod and fishing reel. They provide a standard selection, suitable for all fishing needs and for experienced players.

And secondly, Daiwa is a brand that is highly appreciated by fishers with fishing rods in the cheap segment. It is the best fishing rod at a mid-range price, suitable for new players.


What do the parameters on the fishing rods mean?

Fishing rod length: The most important parameter that an experienced fisher chooses is the fishing rod. It helps fishers identify long-term fishing techniques, hand-catching, and offshore fishing techniques, sea fishing and flying fishing, specified in the sequence of fishing parameters in inches.

Power parameters: This is an indicator that reflects the hardness of the fishing rod, and affects the rods curvature index (Action). And determine the hardness of the need to sum through these parameters:

UL: Ultra Light

L: Light

ML: Medium Light

M: Medium

MH: Medium Heavy

H: Heavy

EH: Extra Heavy

And the lighter this parameter is, the softer the body of the fishing rod will be, and the harder it will be from UL (Ultra Light) to EH (Extra Heavy). Here is attached summary of equivalent Action parameters from EH to UL:

S: Slow

M: Medium

MF: Medium Fast

R: Regular

F: Fast 

EF: Extra fast

And these are the basic parameters for those who have little experience choosing fishing rods to learn. 

Handles and Eyelets

In fishing rods, eyelets are the next important point. They help the fishing line be released and rolled in a more flexible way, increasing the bearing capacity of the stem more evenly according to the bending degree of the fishing rod. At each maximum bend position, there is always an eyelet to bear the force, as well as provide a uniform bend to the rod.

The eyelets are made of metal or hard plastic. They often go in sync with the type of fishing machine. 

Experience buying genuine fishing rods

Material made as needed

There are two types of best materials today you need to care about: graphite yarn and glass fiber, in addition to a special type that combines both substances into one. Each type has different characteristics:

  • Graphite or carbon

The word carbon will be more than Graphite, with a diameter of 0.005-0.01mm mostly made of carbon. The internal dissection of carbon fiber is made by connecting thousands of strands into one strand. Advantages of being durable, super light, most of us often encounter carbon fiber used in many technological or era products such as aviation, military, sports …

Modulus is considered to be a measure of what needs to be good or not, the higher the modulus, the better the power of the lever, the higher the speed. Currently on the market, you can see many types of carbon such as HR40, T300, IM6, M8, M40, M40J, M46J, M55 …

  • Fiberglass

This type of lever is often suitable for newcomers, cheap price, durability compared to carbon, most of the weight, low sensitivity.

Fishing rod length

The length mostly depends on the habit of the fisherman, maybe you go fishing far away, moving to this place, and that place, it needs compact convenience. Or your need to fish big or small fish and especially the length should be related to the ability to throw the bait as far.

If you fish near the seafloor then choose 3m long rod, fishing on the boat do not have to throw the bait away, choose the shorter rod 2.5m, if you go to the beach and throw the bait as far as possible then choose fishing rod above 3m -5m, if you fish in ponds and lakes, you should choose 3m range.


The weight needed is often dictated by whether the material made is carbon or fiberglass, the weight of the fishing machine. If you choose a lightweight one, it will be less tired and more flexible than fishing.

If you choose a heavy-weight line, you should buy an extra rack so you dont get drowned in the long fishing process without pulling any fish.


Most of the brothers prefer to bend, look very sexy, attractive inspiring good direction for fish killer. The Action parameter is highly symbolic because it is very difficult to measure it as the response of a fishing rod. Knowing this parameter will be related to the sensitivity of the fish to the jerk and how to help the fish to shore. The characters that are explained about the curvature of the lever are as follows:

  • S (slow): can bend the need to close the handle

  • M, MF (medium, strong medium) can warp to the middle

  • EF, F (Fast, very fast) can only bend about 1/4 to 1/3 from the tip

  • EF, F (Extra Fast, Fast): Need only curved to about ¼-1/3 need to be calculated from the tops

  • M (Medium, Moderate): Need to bend to the middle

  • S (Slow): Need to bend to the handle


Handles and rings

Eyelets are the hand between the charge and the rod, the effect is to make the fishing line easy, bear the load, navigate when the fish line. Eyelets are made of metal or hard plastic materials. When buying fishing rods, rings are synchronized with a new machine and rod.

There are two types of rings: a ring with a radius, and the closer the form is to the bigger the handle.

Fishing machine

If you want to be a professional fisherman, then the fishing machine is the most important part. Fishing machines are used to guide fish and toss bait. There are 3 main types of fishing machines: horizontal and vertical, and horizontal and vertical.

  •  Horizontal fishing rod: The feature of this machine is pulling the rope to spin in the charge when throwing bait, With the feature of fishing line collected directly from the drive, the ability to withstand big fish is better suited for the anglers like fishing big, favored fish at sea.

With this type of machine, you need to practice casting far and high precision.

  • Fishing rods vertical machine: Designed ventilated drivelines, the wire is discharged when the stop is turned on, the purpose to avoid tangled wires, the machine has anti-reverse rotation. Like for small fish.

  • Machine horizontal and vertical combination: This is the front cover the machine, simple structure easy to use, perfectly suitable for beginners.

Experience in choosing fishing rods – The best brands today

There are so many types of fishing rods made by various brands. Because fishing rods are very wide to meet the diverse needs, from freshwater to saltwater fishing. Freshwater fishing alone has many types, while saltwater fishing is even more diverse. The world has many types of fishing, there will be so many corresponding types of fishing rods.

In order for you to have some suggestions, we would like to offer some typical brands with high-quality fishing rods:

Shimano Speed Master fishing rod

Shimano is a famous fishing brand and Shimano Speed Master is one of Shimanos famous fishing rods for years and also currently being produced worldwide.

The biggest advantage of using the Shimano Speed Master series is the sensitivity. High Action Index gives a good sensitivity. You can feel and assess every fishing rod movement when you drop it under the water and keep track of every bait movement.

The handle of the fishing rod made of wooden foam makes it unobtrusive. The amount of lead inside the fishing rod is only 50-120gr. And the Shimano Speed Master 2 track is always the top choice for the fishers. It is often appreciated by experienced fishers who choose long fishing rods.

The Shimano brand is known to be Japanese, but actually there is a combination of Malaysia and Japan. Depending on different price segments and choose to buy products:

– Shimano 3m 2-pole fishing rod: made in China, designed in black or green, hollow fishing rod, so this rod is quite light, it should be made of fiberglass, suitable for beginners, Price ~ 10 $

– 2-meter copper Shimano fishing rod: made in Malaysia, the rod is made of carbon mixture so it is quite light, cost ~ $ 20.

– 2m4 Shimano Profiline 2m4 fishing rod: made in Malaysia, made of the finest carbon composite, withstands fish up to 12kg, costs ~ $ 50.

– Shimano Force Master 1m98 horizontal fishing rod: Made entirely from Carbon, with Medium and Power heavy action, maximum load capacity of 9.1Kg, cost ~ $ 60.

Abu Garcia Venerate fishing rod

For newbie, Abu Garcia Venerate is a good choice. The body of this fishing rod is 2.7 meters length, and the high power allows conquering every level of fish with different weights including sea fish.

The material of the body of Abu Garcia Venerate is Carbon. This type has wonderful eyelets that make it quick and easy to pull. With lead weight: 15/40 gr, it helps you have a great fishing trip. 

Abu Garcia Ultra Cast II fishing rod

This is the fishing rod with relatively strong bearing capacity, large endurance. Rated as one of the heavy fishing tool, it is suitable for large fishing needs, sea fishing is a unique feature of Abu Garcia. 

The type is exported in the US and has the strength of fast heavy action. With a length of 2.4meters, it is able to catch fish from 4.5 to 9.1 kg. The amount of lead inside is 90 –120gr. The Abu 2-pole fishing rod also has a wooden rod, which provides a high level of freedom.

Daiwa fishing rod

This product is originated from Japan, so the quality is guaranteed, with a tradition of producing famous fishing rods and fishing machines for decades.

Over the years, Daiwa researchers have always produced successful research on manufactured materials. Since the establishment of the company, Daiwas carbon fiber industry has never been a rival. In 2010 Daiwa successfully developed Z-SVF, a composite material between high-density carbon fiber and plastic to a minimum. Daiwa brought Z-SVF into super-high-performance fishing rods, creating a new generation of lightweight, lightest fishing rods on the market at that time.

A breakthrough in breakthrough technology, which makes a name and a distinctive mark is Mag-sealed technology – the best waterproofing ability on the device today, a drop of water can not get into the machine.

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