Instructions for choosing a best fishing rod in 2020

Fishing rods are an essential tool that determines the success of the fishing session. It is considered a powerful assistant to help extend your arms, quickly identify the activity of the prey, the ability to reach conquered prey higher.

However, ever since the advent of the technology world, people who have just joined the world of fishing feel extremely confused when faced with so many choices: which carrier should they buy, for each purpose, different types of fishing, topography should choose which type.

This is a complicated problem for some people who do not have the concept and knowledge of using fishing rods. But do not worry, with some following experience of choosing the rods, SAM AND MARY will help you somewhat easily select a fishing rod that is both affordable and suitable for your fishing purposes and has achieved high efficiency.

Before buying, you have to ask the following questions:

Is your fishing goal an entertaining or professional statement?

  • Are you a beginner?
  • Do you go fishing every weekend?
  • Do you often attend the sentences of the professional?

Those are all questions you should ask before determining your fishing goal:

  • If you go fishing very often, it is the main reason for you to buy the rod. If you start by choosing to buy an inexpensive one, then you must understand the features to follow.
  • If you are one of the people who go fishing all year, you need to have a rod made from excellent material for long-term use.
  • If you have a boat or a fishing area near your house, a one-piece fishing rod is the best choice because it is often more stable and prompt than a multi-piece one
  • If you need to travel, a one-piece rod will be cumbersome to carry, so you need to use a multi-piece rod. Luckily for the current fisherman, with advanced techniques, a multi-piece rod is as good as a one-piece one


What is the intended place of your fishing: sea fishing or river fishing?

The second question must you determine whether you plan to go fishing in the sea or in the river? Because in each separate case, manufacturers have their manufacturing technologies from curvature, stiffness, accessories attached to the stem, anti-penetration of seawater to achieve optimal efficiency. A rod can promote their effects and features when used in the right places.

If you have to use a stick outside its features, be very careful, dont hold the fish the way you usually do, dont try to lift the fish close to the racquet. However, some people intentionally use smaller rods than usual to increase the feeling and interest in pulling the fish.

Do you want to buy a rod with a vertical or horizontal machine?

Do you like fishing with horizontal or vertical machines? For vertical machines, beginners learn the sentence because of its convenience, ease of use compared to horizontal machines. In contrast to the horizontal machine, the professional anglers love it because of its long-throw ability, suitable for fishing, need to be strong enough to attack the heavy sea monsters.

Therefore, choosing the right machine according to your own sentence, is extremely important. Usually, if you are a big fish, use a horizontal machine. As for small fishing, in addition to choosing a fishing machine, you also care about the color, diameter and sensitivity of the fishing line to expect high efficiency.

Do you know the required parameters?

Choose a rod made of Graphite material or mixed glass fiber?

  • A rod made of fiberglass often cheap and often aimed at beginners. They are plants that require little maintenance, are medium weight and need to be made of fragile fiberglass.
  • Need made of high strength carbon fiber/graphite, low weight and low heat.
  • Carbon fiber is classified according to the modulus of fiber tension. Tensile modulus is a measure of the pull force a specific diameter fiber can exert. The higher the modulus, the greater the energy (denoting the speed and power of the lever). However, the higher the modulus, the more costly and fragile it is, after being forcibly affected by 1 point, like “fall, stepping on or sliding your head anywhere.”

So if fishing is a delicate hobby for you, you should choose a tree that needs high modulus graphite, because it is durable, fast, susceptible than fiberglass.

Currently need to be made of very popular graphite. Choosing a rod that needs to be perfectly balanced in sensitivity, strength and curvature will help you feel more comfortable and focus more on hand manipulation, and especially help you achieve your goal and decide the success of your fishing trip.

Power and Action 

These are the two standard symbols written on each fishing rod, which may be unnoticed by most beginners, but it is useful to choose the right one at the right time. 

  • Power is defined: “The strength of the rod to pull the fish” so it is recorded with many different levels such as UL (Ultralight = very light); L (Light = light); ML (Medium Light = light average); M (Medium = average); MH (Medium Heavy = strong average); H (Heavy = strong); EH (Extra Heavy = very strong).

The bigger the fish or the thicker obstacles, the stronger it needs to be.

  • Action is defined: “How much does the rod need to bend when we increase the head bending pressure?” and it is noted on the stem as follows: 
    • S: Slow 
    • M: Medium or Moderate 
    • MF: Medium Fast 
    • F: Fast 
    • EF: Extra Fast

The less the Action, the harder the body material is needed.

According to the standard, the less the body needs to bend, the more accurate the throwing of the bait, because the less the Action, the more transmission to the prey as well as the other effect is the stronger shock blade when the curvature of the lever reaches to the dark multi and faster than a Slow rod.


Which fishing technique do you use?

One of the hardest things is knowing which rods are right for each fishing technique, which is why there are many different lengths, specifications like strength and curvature in the fishing rod market.

Now we temporarily discuss the special fishing rods for each type of bait respectively:

The bottom fishing line with fake bait includes

Tubes, Jigs, Texas Rig, Shakey, Drop shot and other types of artificial bait that we drag to the bottom or through the moss. A common sense when using these lures is the position of the fishing rod when manipulating. It is the angle of holding the rod and the feel of all the impact when dragging.

Because when the lever is needed in a high position, in this case, we often have to use the type of curved Fast or Extra Fast due to a few good reasons. The less the curvature of the rod means that the tree needs more strength, easy to close the hook and easily switch power in a short jerk. On the other hand, this technique is often applied when the rope is slack after pulling the bait over the obstacle. Moss, it helps us to collect strings quickly, control bait easily without much effort, and aim to throw accurately, while plants that need slow curvature will struggle in cases of dribbling at the bottom.

 Flipping jigs & Texas rigs

These are two common fishing techniques, so when choosing a lever, you should select the type of strength from Medium to Medium Heavy and also depends more or less on the fish size as well as the density of moss. Thick moss density, the higher the power of the fishing rod, usually the type of Heavy rods with strings from 10 lbs – 20 lbs is average.

Drop shot

This method can be used for both types of spinning rods and casting rods, but it seems to be more common in the use of spinning fishing rods due to the reasonably sophisticated technique and spinning fishing rods with better cord brakes than casting machines. When choosing to use the drop shot, we should choose to have the power from Medium with Extra Fast Action because the Extra Fast has a slightly soft feature at the tip but the body is hard to help us shake the grave.

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