Top 15 Best telescopic fishing rods in 2020

Before we can list the best telescopic fishing rods, it’s necessary to understand what telescopic fishing rod is?

Telescopic fishing rod

This name for the fishing rod is telescopic, derived from the word telescope, meaning remote binoculars. The reason why this type of fishing rod is so named is that its design can be folded, pulled out easily, very convenient when you can carry it in your luggage, go off on field trips. 

Looking at the picture below, you can see that this type of fishing rod has nested interlocking like an antenna or binoculars, making it extremely convenient when shortened to extend the maximum length to 9 m, sometimes just 0.5 m. However, this type of fishing rod has the disadvantage of poor strength, particularly when extended, the most vulnerable part being the head of the fishing rod. 

Therefore this type of fishing rod is suitable for small fishing, so it doesnt break. The design is focused on convenience, hence this fishing rod is mainly used for amateur fishing, picnic is the main thing. Please note: To avoid the brittle drawbacks of this type of fishing rod: 

  • When you close the fishing rod, you must keep it on a flat ground, do not fold the rod while the rod is still fishing. It is best to close each burner, burning closest to farther, finally you should stand up the rod and slide the rod from the top down.

  • The amount of bait and fish in the area must be of moderate weight. You need to find out the type of fish in the area before fishing as well as the allowable load of the rod.


Now, we are going to check out out the best telescopic fishing rods.

Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combos – Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole


Eventually, we can appreciate the fine telescopic fishing rod, designed to give you the extraordinary pleasure of fishing. Hundreds of clients were happy and happy to purchase from them this telescopic fishing rod. There are a couple of lengths to be between 18 and 34 metres. That means it is far the right one for intermediate beginners. And even music specialists check out the description for more information on this product and its latest price. 

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod-Graphite Carbon Fiber

This is exquisite telescopic fishing rod, which can be carried with no problems anywhere. It is compact portable and has a stunning layout consisting of carbon fiber and a composite glass. It is far robust and flexible with this rod you can trap ten fifteen kilos of fish without difficulty with this rod. The exquisite, corrosion-resistant reel seat made of CNC-machined aluminium. So, you can have that last for a long term. 

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos-Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod

The length of the rod varies between 6 feet and close to 12 toes. Such an awesome telescopic rod fishing period is barely seen on the market, which is why we gave this one a quantity. It has been crafted with a carbon fiber blend of 99 percent carbon body which makes it robust but flexible. 

Sougayilang Telescopic Graphite Carbon Fiber Spinning Portable

We have an exquisite removable telescopic fishing rod. There are a few sizes to have which variety is between 13 meters and 4 m. This is portable and very smooth to use. That makes it available to both novices and carbon fiber professionals alike. It displays what remains of energy and flexibility. Even when you are inside the waters. 

Eagle Claw Pack-It

It is not known that the Eagle Claw Pack-It is incredibly strong in terms of durability but is offered a reasonable price to all. This may be the best option if you are interested in fishing if you only need to run for occasional use or see. It can be used as a backup system and comes with a graphite seat on the reel. Though it doesn’t work well for heavy fish at thermodyne.

Lanark Combo Kit

Get your kids to fish with the Lanark Combo Kit which is a snapped about store and transportation thanks to our handy carrying case, and tackle box plus with its cast button design is easy to operate. This is done to reduce the tangling it expands to 65 inches, and comes with a pre-sold eight pound test line. 

Tuscom Mini Pen

You are pressed to find a portable model that collapses much smaller than the Tuscom Mini Pen, which, as its name suggests, looks like a closed pendulum. You can choose between multiple colours. And even a mini reel enters. It makes a unique gift for enthusiasts, and measures just eight inches long. However the included reel is fragile. 

Troutboy Black Warrior

The trout boy black warrior not only has a pretty cool name, but his sleek black styling and gold-colored detailing also look sharp. In versions you can choose between the rod or a combo of rods and reels. That varies from within six feet to just under twelve feet. The reel contains the oh of a spare graphite and has a grip on an eb for comfort. 

Uxcell 8-Section

8-Section is a powerful alternative for those who like tenkara fishing but dont want us to sink all their cash into a precious bowl just over 12 feet long when it collapses into a 24 inch portable. It is a sporty colour, black and yellow, and weighs about 130 grams. Still it feels stiffer than similar models. 

Pinty Portable

Our firepower list at number ten- the Pinty Portable is a real rotten combo that may not have lots of bells and whistles but its a handy model to have around nonetheless. It features an interchangeable handle on the left, and a fiberglass mixture that keeps rust and corrosion at bay. It comes complete with lightweight ceramic guides and a robust aluminum spool. Its not too expensive. 

Sougayilang Ultralight

If you’re finding a deal you could be probably worse than the Sougayilang Ultralight. It has six different lengths and is corrosion resistant but, as far as strength goes, it is most likely best for smaller-sided fish. It feels well balanced and has a solid seat on the reel. The eyelets could nonetheless be closer to more durable. 

 Kastking Blackhawk II

Kastking Blackhawk II offers a range of experiential options including casting and spinning models to choose from. Whether you prefer saltwater or fresh kayaking or surfing, theres a total of 14 different lengths and actions available.It promises quick and convenient assembly and features a 24 tons carbon matrix and multiple floating guides. 


Plusinno Full Kit

It has everything and we mean all the novices need to jump from rob to reel to lure the rod. It comes in several lengths starting at just under six and has a comfortable anti-slip handle that’s soft. This would be a great gift for total starters, including a 12-month warranty and a stainless steel reel.

Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire 360

The Dragontail Tenkara Shadowfire 360 could appreciate at number one on our go fly fishermen list. A 12-foot choice that only weighs two-point darn ounces. This starter kit includes helpful accessories consist of a storage tube. But if you’re only finding the rod, you can purchase them separately. It sports a matte black finish and is made from im10 graphite. It contains nine segments in all.  

Above is the list of the best telescopic fishing rods. SAM AND MARY ope you can choose the best telescopic fishing rod for yourself.

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