Top 15 Best Fly Fishing Reels reviews in 2020

Well covering the top 15 best fly fishing reels on the market this year.

Choosing the best flywheel might not be quite as important as choosing some of your other gear in the kit like rods and flies. But its still important that you know exactly what youre looking for when shopping for realz. 

So with that lets get started heres our list of the top 15 best fly fishing reels that you can purchase.

 Best Fly Fishing Reels – Redington Behemoth

This is the best value fly reel that we could find. The pros are that it has a quick retrieve system. Its a great value. Theres a good sound to it and an excellent drag system. The cons are that its die cast aluminum. So not quite as rugged and durable as a machine aluminum body reel. And it has a slightly loose drag knob. Its a large arbor reel. And it comes in the available. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Maxcatch ECO. 

This is our best budget fly reel. 

Pros: Its a medium arbor size. Theres a great sound to it. And its an amazing price. 

Cons: theres a subpar drag adjustment system on this reel. And its a cast aluminum design so again not quite as durable as the machine aluminum reels. Its a large arbor reel


Best Fly Fishing Reels – Piscifun Platte.

This is our best mid range reel 

Pros: it has a large arbor machine aluminum design and its fully sealed drag system so its perfect for saltwater. This is a large arbor reel. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Lamson Force SL Series II 

Lamson Force SL Series II is our best pro level reel. The pros are that its hyper light it has a beautiful design its durable and theyve used machined aluminum to the frame cons are that its just expensive its a great reel. But the main con is that its expensive. This is a super large arbor reel. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Sage Spectrum Max

This is our best saltwater fly reel. The pros of this reel  is it has the best sound of any real on this list. And it has the highest quality machine aluminum design and a carbon seal drag. The cons are that its an expensive reel. And its a bit light on the drag. Even when you have the drag turned all the way up its not quite powerful enough so some massive saltwater fish that you might be hooking into.

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Lamson Lightspeed G5

This is the best trout reel. We have on the market today. Pros are that it has a conical drag system, machine aluminum, stainless steel, hard Alo anodized aluminum finish, open spoke design, not compatible with other Litespeed spools, extra Litespeed IV spools sold separately. And its good for both salt and freshwater. The cons are that this reel is quite expensive and its not the best looking design. This is a large arbor reel.

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Orvis Hydros SL 

This is the best reel for bass fishing. The pros are that it has the best drag system in its class and a large arbor design. Thats great for fishing bass. The cons are that it doesnt have the best sound and the drag knob is a bit annoying to use this is a large arbor reel. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Piscifun Sword

This is our best three weight fly reel. The pros are that its medium arbor design. It has a good sound a great price and its also machined aluminum for that price. This is a mid arbor design reel. And it comes in the available wage. Three to ten weight. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels Galvin Torque 5

It is our best 5 weight fly reel on the list. The pros are that it has a good drag system with basically no startup inertia to speak of the cons are that the drag design is unsealed. So its not very good for saltwater and it has a tiny reel knob which makes it a little bit difficult to be reeling in big fish. This is a large arbor design reel. 

  • Innovative, ultra smooth compression disc drag system 
  • Large arbor design 
  • Ported to the maximum, strength-weight-ratio
  • Very low startup inertia
  • De-tended drag knob for precision settings
  • Handle is large and easy to grip
  • Spool release mechanism is easy, no tool necessary
  • Easily interchangeable from right to left hand retrieve
  • 7 size from 2 wt through 12 wt lines
  • fully machined from 6061 bar-stock aluminum
  • corrosion resistant and saltwater safe
  • available in Bronze, Green, Clear, and Black, anodized finishes
  • 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Nautilus CCF X2

This is the best eight weight flywheel on the market. The pros of this reel is that it has amazing ergonomics and a really quick line retrieve. But the cons are that its a little bit too heavy especially when compared to some of the lighter reels on this list. This is a large arbor reel. 

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Ross Evolution LT

  • Fully machined 6061 – T6 aluminum frame and spool stand up to abuse and deliver lightweight performance
  • Delrin 500AF drag material with impregnated Teflon provides a durable, heat-resistant, maintenance free, and self-lubricating resistance 
  • conical drag system feature triple-redundancy radial pawl engagement for seamless transition between retrieve and drag engagement
  • oil impregnated bronze bushing rotating on a stainless steel spindle ensures smooth performance with fast-running fish
  • Fully ventilated spool and frame provide balance and weight savings
  • easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion and quick-release locking spool provide convenience


Best Fly Fishing Reels – Orvis Access Mid Arbor II

  • Lightweight, well-balanced on a rod,especially the lightest rod in the 4-and 5-weight class
  • Adjusting for left-or right-hand retrieve mode
  • Machined from bar-stock (as opposed to being cast from molten metal) for greater durability/strength
  • Smooth click-drag system with carbon-fiber rings for smooth drag adjustment

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Sage 4250

  • SCS drag system
  • Large arbor for fast line pick up: Concave arbor for greater strength and capacity.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • One revolution drag knob with numbered and detended settings
  • Easy conversion from left- or right-hand retrieve
  • Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Orvis Mirage III

  • Sealed and maintenance-free drag surface
  • Positive-click drag knob for accurate and repeatable drag settings
  • True large arbor performance
  • strong yet lightweight anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Aggressive diamond knurling on knob
  • Quick release spool and easy conversion from left- or right-hand retrieve

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Redington RISE

  • CNC machined, anodized 6061 T6 aluminum design with quick release spool
  • Ultra-large arbor design for quick line retrieve
  • Smooth, compact carbon fiber drag system
  • Twin modeled, soft-touch ergonomic handles
  • Oversized drag knob for easy adjustment
  • Easily converts to left-or right-hand retrieve
  • Nylon reel case included
  • Lifetime warranty 

SAM AND MARY really hope “top 15 best fly fishing reels reviews” helped you decide what the best flywheel is for you no matter what weight or what style of fishing. 

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