Top 10 Best Fishing Rod you must-have in 2020

Choosing the best surf fishing rod is difficult when there is so much gear on the market today that the trip into the fishing rod. It’s like walking through some mysterious bamboo forest at the local outdoor shop. All the brands of the past and several new variations are present. Both of them contend with the bright colours and interface features of a few years ago. 

When looking for a surfcasting rod, it is essential to discriminate as this is one of the most challenging classic fishing versions of the rod as regards the strength and strength required to carry heavy weights and coats and their constant exposure to sand and saltwater violence.

Currently on the market there are many different types of fishing rods, depending on the rods of anglers, you can choose the best fishing rods that save time, effort and achieve the highest efficiency.

In todays discussion, we have listed down the top five surf fishing rods to help you choose the best one according to your budget needs and requirements. Let’s get started! 

Selecting a fishing rod or fishing machine is very valuable as it can often lead to missing fish or breaking the rod if you pick a rod or a bad rod.

A strong fishing rod is a type that has to meet the most basic standards for a professional angler to show off his fishing techniques and experience. SAM AND MARY will help you choose the best fishing rods that is both affordable and suitable for your fishing purposes and has achieved high efficiency.

Penn Spinfisher V6500 Surf Rod an Reel Combo

At number one, we have Penn Spinfisher V 6500 surf rod and reel combo. It is also good to pick up a casting rod for a surf without much work and shopping. Perhaps you wish to try some surfing or start your child or set up a replacement in case a friend from Neophyte wants to fish.

The Penn spin fisher surf rod and reel combination are appropriate for these circumstances. This kit comes with a sturdy 10-meter surf rod made on a white composite of two parts and stainless steel guides with aluminium oxide insert. The rod was good and stable enough to do the job at the expense.

The V6500 is built with the new Penns waterproof box, which can be dumped. And without harm surfing. A five-bearing crank and an instant reverse pair of 100 slam and drag systems in height produce a real one with high-performance value-added quality. It has a rubber-supporting gasket, which lets you whin the last twisted super-leaders without a sponsor of a monofilament.

The movement on the rod was languishing. We assume it did not wait long for 4-5 ounces so that it could throw away these lovely farms. The drag is stressed by strong pulling fish such as rays and sharks, but it stops with a few extra curls. Penn worked well and should be considered as our only mix kit if it fits your needs.



Okuma Solaris SS-C-1102H-2 Surf Fishing Rod

We have Okuma Solaris SSC-1102H 2 surf fishing rod, now at number 2. It is a 10-foot value rod constructed on a two-piece graphite plank in 6 that delivers strength and accuracy to long casts. Vogue humor is a world leader and a man fishing a year and quality attention is obvious.

In order to prevent cutting and roasting, double footed steel guides are aligned to fuji aluminium oxide inserts, and they look great and work well. On the guide legs, we want less versatility. The real Fuji coil hood seats look beautiful and offer the strength to hold big rolling rolls firmly. The slim profile of the conventional cork grip saves weight and suits well the side.

The EVA foam padding provides safety in extended fights around the reel chairs. We find that this rod is pleasant and balanced and more flexible than we expected from the price tie rod in the budget. This rod is capable of providing enough power in capable hands to quickly send out the 5-unit lure to a maximum of 100 yards combined with the inherent rigidity of its construction.

The tip has a sense of the days slightest bumps. But it retains the strength required for the cast to stay in one piece. The Okuma Solaris casts and fishes these rods, which many times cost, if balanced to a good range of rolls. This is an excellent surfcasting rod for the beginner or the budget-conscious fishermen

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod

At number three, we have Penn Battalion surf spinning rod. We looked at a two-piece 11-foot rod at Penn Battalion and were no surprise that the venerable standard of Penn was apparent, even at what can be called a surfcasting rod entrance price point.

The reel is made of a composite graphite blank and looks fantastic, smooth epoxy moulding with Fuji twin-foot guide for aluminium oxidation. Fuji roller seats are placed over a flat, shrink-wrapped tube section with a tacky, wet or dry coating. The rod will handle lurch from – 6 ounces and line weights between 15 and 30 pounds in a filament with braided line. 

You can reach 50 pounds. The rod is made of backbone and smell attached. Many fishermen may think it’s too heavy towards the tip until you feel, but you need to make the call according to your casting style. The rod in the fight is well balanced and surprisingly strong. It can quickly turn large fish, and it must, in fact, be used carefully to avoid pulling looms by some of the weakest mountain species. The overall performance and features make the Penn Battalion a great cast. And it’s simple enough to pick it up in various languages.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Surf Spinning Rod

Moving on at number four, we have Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big water surface spinning rod. As the Shakespeare Ugly Stik has been iconic among fishermen since 1976, it has a reputation for toughness and a sensitive area, which helps you to catch more fish. The graphite composite design and newly designed one-piece tines are now updated to stop the problem of pocket inserts. The hideous stick is a rugged, long-lasting rod for surfing.

Within this price range, there are some better options. We looked at the 12-foot-length double-part surf rod Bigwater, and we found that the ugly stick design was unique on this big rod. Although the rod feels more softly like the Ugly Stik series, its core design is robust because of its fibreglass-enveloped graphite design. The precise classical tip gives you some rigidity and a feeling of the strike you need. The rod has seven guides as compared to the more conventional six, and they are sturdy 2-legged stainless steel construction. 

The high pad, in which most chippings are done, is extended farther up the rod than on most surf cast rods. The Fuji graphite seat has steel hoods and clamps tightly, but the lower nut would have been better if we tightened it.

The rod can bear a weight of 12 ounces. While some other surfcasting rods lack a super stick feel, the incredible bending force allows you to drag big fish over long areas of sand or seem fast. The amount of service and an ugly stick will give you the money that is in your own class. And it’s a perfect purchase!

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod

We have Okuma Longitude surf graphite rod at number 5. His series provides a perfect way to get into a two-piece composite graphite tube, which is 11 or 12 feet, at a bargain price. Longitude surf rod, made with the equal emphasis on quality and detail as high-price rods in the Okuma line, is awarded some of the highest value and performance ratings at this price point.

The 70 to 30 graphite blanks of fibreglass offer strength and rigidity coupled to a sensitive sensation. We were hard-pressed to tell the difference between this and rods which cost hundreds more when we made long casts with the 11-footer. The rod components are well-designed to prevent cuts and lower refraction in the double footer guides and a stainless steel covered roll seat with aluminium oxide inserts.

The rod has a long conventional design. The handle is picked with Eva’s coats on and under the reel seat and a strong rubber ball coating to withstand the rod’s wear and tear. These are heavy action rods made in 11 and 12-foot rods which can handle up to 8 ounces in the water. Do not expect them to work well at the lower 3-unit weight range, as they are steep and need some strength to load correctly. But the Okumura longitude will be your job and at a very great price for you in battling big fish, hard men and heavy surfing.

Best Fishing Rod Yf200 Tranphu B12

  • The YF200 TRANPHU B12 has a maximum length of 1.8m with many options of up to 3.6m for users to fish on many terrains.

  • Ability to collapse to 60cm, for compact storage. Full metal material with anti-corrosion coating, rust in the changeable weather and environment. Constructed with 5 ball bearings, silver bullets, 5.1: 1 rewind. High speed rewinding machine

  • Compact design, light weight, easy to use. Outstanding red and black colors. The handle has a soft foam and is convenient for users. Price for 130 thousand sets, accessories for 6 items to support users.


  • Long rod, easily stretched or collapsed.
  • Durable, supple, corrosion resistant material 
  • machine rewind quickly, anti-tangle wire.

Best Fishing Rod Mattsue SGFR CB2101

  • Set of high-class fishing rods – Mattsue SGFR CB2101 is designed with 2 convenient detachable junctions, the length of 2.1m is an extended arm for convenient anglers.

  • Easy-to-install, detachable design for storage. Material rods metal, plastic and wood. The durability of the product is quite high, suitable for outdoor conditions, with a protective coating against rust and water infiltration.

  • Fishing rods are over 4kg, with durability and flexibility. The strong couplings help to be durable, ensuring a firm connection when used.

  • The handle section has a soft cushion for the operator and grip for a long time. The set includes: boom, machine, fishing line, blade set. The price of the product set is 150 thousand, 3-month warranty.


  •  High flexibility, for fishing capacity of over 4kg.
  •  Easy-to-detach design, strong coupling.
  •  Easy to use with high-end rewinding machine.

Best Fishing Rod YF200 Tranphu B11

  • The YF200 TRANPHU B11 is made entirely from durable metal, coated with electrostatic paint to prevent rust and corrosion due to weather and environmental impacts.

  • Maximum length rod 1.8m there are many other options for users to choose, the ability to collapse to only 60cm. Fishing rods with YF200 rewind machine with 5 silver rounds, 5.1: 1 tour round.

  • Simple, compact design, easy to install and use. Large fish load, requires toughness for the shot. Cost 115 thousand, with accessories 6 items.


  • Durable metal material, rust.
  • Flexible design extends or collapses.
  • Rewinding machine rods convenience.

Best Fishing Rod – TPB75 NL4000

  • TPB75 structure with 2 parts rod special intestine, easy to install and disassemble to store neatly. Equipping rewinding machine rods NL4000 to be convenient, quick to operate, prevent wire lying.

  • Material rod durable metal, electrostatic coating to resist corrosion, rust due to outdoor environmental weather conditions.

  • Users can choose many sizes roded: 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m flexible arm is extended. The compact design is easy to use, with an 8-piece accessory kit that retrofits to the user during fishing. 


  • rod special intestine, durable metal material.
  • Removable, easy to use.
  •  Equipping rewinding machine rods quick convenience.

Best Fishing Rod TPB17 BL7000

  • Set of fishing rods – TPB17 is manufactured from durable alloy material, 12kg fishing load. Equipped with 12 bearings – 12 silver bullets, revving 5.5: 1.

  • Combined with the machine supporting the BL7000 to collect the rod efficiently and quickly. High-grade alloy material is light, super durable, anti-rust when used outdoors often.

  • Length of the rods 2.7m – 3m – 3.6 m for users to choose. Design of 3 removable segments that can be flexibly assembled,  joints machine well . Design printed pattern beautiful, luxurious. A set of 11 items to support the user. 


  • High quality metal material, bearings, quality tachet.
  • The receiver rods to be convenient, easy to install and operate.
  • Beautifully designed, luxurious.
  • Many accessories included.


Notes on using fishing rods

Using a fishing rod seems quite simple when you just rod to hook and stretch the rope to use. However, users should note the following important points to use the fishing rod effectively and sustainably in the long run:

  • Use the right type of fishing tackle with the right weight and size. For big and strong fish, they rod big and flexible rods, big fishing line, fishing hooks and all suitable tools.

  • Carry out the fishing rod assembly in the right process, determine the life of the rod, assemble the rod tightly. Read the instructions carefully before using and assembling the kit properly.

  • Implement techniques of raising the rod, pulling lever, lowering lever, finishing shot … to deal with the fish when they bite and struggle so that the fish cannot escape the hook. Depending on the time that apply to achieve high efficiency when fishing.

  • Protection, hygiene should be properly taken care of best, properly disassembled and stored in bags carefully after fishing. Clean the joints against rust, lubrication to protect metal joints.

Fishing rods are an important tool for appropriate fishing. Users rod to rely on the characteristics of fishing trips to choose the best fishing rod pattern today, in accordance with the rods of use.

In addition, some additional things that fishermen rod to pay attention to catch more fishes are:

  • How to cast: The fisherman can throw the bait and wait until the line is stretched, there is no rod to wait until the fish has bitten, press the middle button repeatedly and keep pressing until the fish is caught. make sure not to slip or you can wait for the fish to eat the bait when the arrow appears, do not press it quickly but wait for three seconds if the arrow does not change.

  • Choose the weather: People notice that when it rains heavily, the fish often hide, do not dare to go out to eat or on hot days, due to the harsh light, the fish also do not look for prey. And spring is the time when fish usually float to the surface, so it is easy to be hooked. After the rain, the sky is bright, the air is cool, the fish scramble for bait, then you let go and you get more fish.

  • Choose a location: People pay attention that the empty water surface is usually free of fish, so you should drop the fishing in the dense trees, luxuriant branches, branches, protruding rock seams. Also, you should choose quiet places to fish.

What is a fishing rod?

For every fishing trip, the fishing rods are necessary tools. It is an extended arm that allows the user to drop the bait in the distance, placing the baits without being spotted by the fish.

The rod design is long, can be reduced in size or extended, with a thin wire connected to the hook and bait through the timing system, rewinding machine, hook. The structure needs to be quite complicated but support more convenient fishing.

Improved fishing rod with automatic winding capability, custom-installed rewinding machine supports users to quickly and effectively drop the line.

Fishing rod design is calculated based on the characteristics of fish weight, fish characteristics for users to implement fishing techniques, optimal fishing performance.

What types of fishing rods are available today?

Fishing rods have been developed for a long time, a powerful tool for the hunting process. Modern models need to be improved to meet the fishing requirements in different terrains. The need classification below will help users quickly select the appropriate sample:

  • Vertical fishing rods – Install the fringes under the handle, giving a light feel when used, suitable for small fishing. Anti-tangle construction, cord is flush with stoppers.
  • Horizontal fishing rods – Install the machine on the top of the handle, the volume is quite heavy but suitable for fishing, abundant fishing, professional fishing techniques.
  • Horizontal and vertical combined fishing scales – There is a front cover on the drive, simple structure design, easy to manipulate the bait, the new drive will move.

Should you buy vertical or horizontal fishing rods?

Weighing scales and modern fishing machine with two types of vertical and horizontal fishing rods for users to choose, with different characteristics and usages. Comments and comparisons below will help users identify and select the appropriate type:

  • Vertical fishing rods are suitable for beginners, with a simple construction, high-speed motion transmission mechanism, fast wire collection, easy toss fake types.

Using the right fishing rod causes less fatigue of your hands, the crank can change from left to right and water again. However, the wire collecting system is often twisted, creating a considerable friction with the horn when collecting the wire, the wire is easily wrapped. Dropping a standing hook will become difficult.

  • Horizontal fishing rods – Requires complicated technical manipulations and installation, complex transmission mechanisms, effort to replace the drive, and with the machine design above the handle, causing fatigue for the grip. However, letting go is quite easy, easy to apply force and control the force acting on the fish, for the ability to manipulate fishing techniques effectively. Feel the bait better, and many crank samples help increase the speed of rotation.

How to choose the best fishing rods? Cheap price

The fishing product market has a variety of brands, segments, and features to meet the needs of users, and the fish are quite different. To buy fishing rods effectively, users need to keep in mind the following essential criteria to buy the best fishing rods:

  •  Straight or horizontal fishing rods

Users need to pay attention to the type of fishing rod used straight or horizontal for the needs and skills to manipulate familiarity or fishing effectively. For newbies, vertical fishing rods will be more convenient to get used to, small fishing, in the long run, the right rod will also be an appropriate choice.

When the skills and experience of fishing are more, the horizontal fishing rod model will be more convenient for users to control and increase the efficiency of large-volume fishing, especially suitable for sea fishing.

  • Fishing rod size

Users need to pay attention to the size – the required length. Because the length of the rod is the extension arm for the fisherman, in different positions, can fish in the desired position. Choose a size of at least 1.8m to a maximum of 3.6m for adequate control.

Choose to have a removable design, assembled from multiple pieces, flexible use fencing, or removable storage when finished using. Choose a compact weight for convenient handling and use, especially for long fishing sessions.

  • Fishing rod material

Fishing rods are manufactured from many different materials: wood, metal, aluminum alloy, carbon alloy, fiberglass, etc. with increasing price.

The material of the fishing rod will significantly determine the amount of rod, the elasticity, and the curvature of the fishing rod. It should be made of carbon alloy material and fiberglass for the best value in terms of weight, shape, and elasticity, but the price is also higher.

  • Fishing rod curvature

The curvature of the rod represents the responsiveness of the fishing rod to the users hand. Affect fishing efficiency, sensitivity when pulling fish, and helping fish ashore.

Depending on the type of fish that the user needs to have appropriate curvature: large fish select fishing rods with small curvature, small fish, choose need large curvature. Common types of curvature: 15 – 25 – 30 – 50 – 60 degrees.

  • Brand and price

A reputable brand is a top priority that users should keep in mind when choosing to buy products of all kinds to ensure quality, features, and efficiency.

Product of clear origin ensures the material specifications for users to choose according to the requirements of large or small fishing accordingly. At the same time, the warranty policy of brands will be a guarantee for the products.

The price of fishing rods is quite diverse, with many segments from a few hundred thousand to a million. Cheap fishing rods are suitable for those who are new to fishing and acquainted with fishing.

High-class products, suitable materials, more distinct features, the price will be higher. We need to consider the cost compared to demand and financial ability to choose to buy.

Which brand should you pick ?

Shimano fishing rod

Shimano fishing rod is reputable in Japan, providing many convenient fishing products and accessories. The material used for the production of Shimano is mainly from light carbon alloy, high elasticity, good elasticity for high-capacity fishing.

  • Long service life, bendability to 60 degrees, lightweight suitable for extended fishing trips.
  • Accessories are fully equipped.
  • Affordable price.

Secondhand fishing rod

Secondhand fishing rod is a used Japanese yard, but the quality is still much better than many needed in the market, at an affordable price.

Various brands, many materials from metal, carbon alloy, wood, plastic. Many models, features and prices for users to choose.

Fire Dragon fishing rod

Fire Dragon fishing rod is made in Russia, is a high-end brand, specialized in manufacturing and supplying specialized fishing gear. Calculate perfect design, durability, and high plasticity withstand environmental temperature impact. 

Fire Dragon highlighted by the toughness, strength, and large fish load. The calculated details designed to bring the optimal for the reporting process. The price of the Fire Dragon is high.

Mifine fishing rod

Mifine fishing rods of Russian origin, with high quality, is used for big fishing, sea fishing. Material needs from aluminum alloy, meticulously crafted parts ensure solid joints, stable strength.

  • Large ductility, curvature, and environmental temperature effects are required.
  • Lightweight, flexible length
  • Fast rewinding machine makes it easy for users to use the technical execution. 
  • High price


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