Top 5 Best fishing reel and rod combo in 2020 (Buying Guide)

In prehistoric times, humans used to catch fish with their bare hands. This technique works effectively in shallow water but certainly not in deeper water. That is why they created fishing rods and reels

Fascinating as it may be, the invention of the fishing rod was earlier than ancient times. The rod dated back to ancient Egypt and China, and then it was made of bamboo wood or synthetic materials. The fishing reel, on the other hand, has a different history.

There was a Chinese painting from 1195 ad that shows a fishing reel quite similar to the simple fly reel nowadays. From brass or iron gears, most of the reels manufactured today use durable solid materials like anodized aluminum, graphite, or both – some fishing is a sport or recreational activity. Still, to others, its a means of living before you explore the water. Its a must to equip yourself with essential fishing equipment and gear. 

In this review, well share with you the five best fishing rod and reel combos thatll help you bring that great catch of fish to the table. join us as represent these products on our list.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gx2 spinning reel and Fishing rod combo 

It is crafted by the well-known manufacturer of high-quality gears. This top-selling product is the perfect combo for beginners and professional anglers who need reliable and high-performance reel and rod. 

The spinning rod has a durable, lightweight construction made from graphite and fiberglass that can resist harsh conditions and last year after year. It comes with a shiny jet-black finish that is eye-catching but not too loud to frighten the fish away from your gear. Catching a hard pulling fish is also easier with the ergonomic eva, a grip that provides a firm, comfortable hold. 

Whether youre left-handed or right-handed, this grip will make every cast and retrieval easier. This innovative rod also features a one-piece stainless steel, ugly tough guide that will provide unmatched durability and eliminate insert pop-out for uninterrupted fishing sessions. The clear tip design adds extra strength and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest nibbles and strikes. Its versatile enough to use with all types of fishing lines, including braid. 


The Ugly Stik Gx2 rod combined with Shakespeares fishing reel delivers unparalleled performance. These two are specifically designed to work perfectly together so anglers can have a great catch. The spinning reel features a machine to the doubled anodized aluminum spool with oversized bail wire that enhances the strength of the coil as for the compression bail springs. It increases the lifespan of this fishing gear. 

Also, it has four balls bearing for a stable and smoother retrieve. The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 spinning reel and fishing rod combo measures 84 by 5 by 3 and 3/4 inches with a weight of 10 point 4 ounces. Its backed up with a seven-year warranty. 

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcast reel and fishing rod combo

This series is ideal for anglers who want to have a powerful combo but are on a budget. At a low cost, the upgraded Abu Garcia Black Max combo offers world-class performance and state of the art features that make fishing trips a day to look forward to. 

It boasts the one-piece graphite reel frame and side plates that are designed to withstand hard conditions. Thanks to the machine doubled anodized aluminum spool, the reel is more durable and rigid but light enough to make your hand feel comfortable even in long fishing sessions. The dura gear brass gear will help you get through the toughest saltwater fishing situations by enhancing the strength and durability of the reel. 

With its 6 and 1/4 gear ratio, this reel is undoubtedly perfect for multiple techniques and presentations. But since this combo apart from other combos is, its mag tracks brake system that increases the cast range and accuracy by exerting constant pressure all over the cast. 

The power disc drag system is useful in catching hard fighting fish as it provides reliable stopping power. This product also comes with four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing that are seamlessly aligned for smooth operation and retrieve with a rate of 66 centimeters. 

The Abu Garcia Black Max combo also has an e VA economic grip. Thats firm yet comfortable to hold. Its ideal for all-day fishing as it wont strain your hands this product measures 72 by 4 to 3 quarters by three-point three eight inches when assembled. 

 Abu Garcia Cardinal Bruiser spinning reel and fishing rod combo

If you want to catch large saltwater species but dont know which combo to use, this product is undoubtedly a great option. 

It features a compact forbearing Drive that provides smoother retrieve and excellent stopping power. When assembled, this product measures six and a half by four and a quarter by forty-three point forty-seven inches with a weight of only one point six nine pounds. 

The Abu Garcia Cardinal Bruiser spinning combo is pre-spooled with Berkeley tri lean. It comes with a high-strength 20-pound monofilament line that can resist sharp fish teeth and where.Its one of the best fishing lines to date because though its tough but easy to handle. 

This reel has a line weight of 10 to 25 pounds and a lower weight of 1 to 4 ounces. The gear ratio is 4 2 to 1 meaning the spool turns 4.2 times as you turn the handle. Whats more is this high-performance saltwater reel has a corrosion-resistant bearing that lasts longer when other fishing rods and combos. 

This rod is specially designed to withstand the corroding effects of saltwater. It comes with a full handle that provides anglers with a durable, comfortable grip. Its lightweight, compact black or silver design is ideal for both hobbyist and professional fishers. The Abu Garcia Cardinal bruiser spinning combo is available in three different rod links 7 inches 8 inches and 9 inches

Penn Battle 2 spinning reel and fishing rod combo

Finding a sturdy and stable fishing gear has never been more comfortable with this product. It has a full metal body side plates and rotor that is perfect in catching larger saltwater species. It may weigh two point seven five five ounces one assembled, but its strong enough to handle the extra pressure. 

Aside from its rugged construction, the pen battle to combo as a machined and anodized aluminum super line spool that enables anglers to braid without a mono backing. Engineered with five plus one stainless steel bearing system that provides smooth interrupted operation, rest assured you can enjoy years of trouble-free fishing. The graphite composite rod blank is specially designed to increase durability and deliver uncompromised performance. 


It comes with six aluminum oxide guides that lessen the heat and friction from the fishing line. The Penn Battle spinning combo has a gear ratio of 6.2 to one, the retrieve rate of 33 inches and a max drag of 12 pounds. 

Whats cool is it includes keyed carbon fiber in the HT 100 drag system? The handle is either a VA or a cork. It depends on the model you choose. The boat and surf models have a handle while the inshore model has a full cork handle. The spinning reel and rod combos have measurements of 84 by six and a quarter by three inches. There are eight models available to choose from and each with different links and capacities to meet the varying needs of every angler. 

Mitchell 300 Pro spinning reel and fishing rod combo

A legacy of innovation and revolutionary technology is what this product is known for. Its simple design and unique. Features are a must-have for every hobbyist and professional angler. 

This combo is an enhanced version of the legendary Mitchell 300 family. Unlike other fishing rod and reel combos that are made of standard polymeric and graphite materials, the 300 Pro has a state-of-the-art polymetric body that withstands harsh conditions to last year after year fishing. The 10 bearing with anti-reverse provides smooth operation and instantaneous hook sets. 

This product also has a hybrid carbon-fiber drag thats designed for consistent performance and accurate adjustment. Whats more, is this combo has an innovative bail halo that adds extra strength and durability to the reel? It reduces fishing line twists to deliver smooth cast and retrieves. The one-piece 24-ton frame has stainless steel guides and inserts that enhance responsiveness and reduce weight for an easier, more convenient fishing session. The aluminum spool and handles with ergonomic eva knob enhancement gives the pole balance for accurate presentation and exceptional lure control. 

The Mitchell 300 Pro spinning combo is available in six versatile sizes ranging from 5 feet 6 inches to 7 feet. It comes in striking green color perfectly combines with a comfortable jet-black grip. It has an assembled weight of only 1.7 pounds. There you have it the most reliable top-selling fishing rod and reel combos on the market today 

SAM AND MARY hopes our review helps you decide which is the best fishing reel and rod combo suits your needs. With the right fishing gear and accessories, you can rest assured your baits will not go to waste all the products.

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