Top 6 Best Conventional Reel For Bottom Fishing in 2020

When it comes to bottom fishing, the first one that comes to your mind tends to be a conventional reel.

Bottom fishing is one of the most common of the fishing strategies referring to catching fish that occupy the bottom of the ocean, particularly around the reefs, wrecks, and buoys.

Here are our top 6 picks as regarding the most elegant traditional bottom fishing reel.


The Shimano TLD reel collection has been a core of Shimanos product line for more than two decades now. It was a clever combination of cutting edge design and a great price that hooked sizeable aftermath that is still going on today.

The two-speed TLD range is highly familiar with anglers searching for high-performance, overhead fishing reels with no-nonsense.

The TLD 30 2 Speed features consist of a graphite-frame that sheds even greater control over unnecessary weight. The TLD 2 speed reels are incredibly durable in conjunction with an aluminum spool and can withstand sizeable hard-fighting fish like marlin, whales, and tuna.

Shimanos TLD 30 is a workhorse when it comes to game fishing, Shimanos TLD 30 should be considered a workhorse. Its strong gearing spool capability and harness lugs give it the same efficiency standard as the much-vaunted Tiagra and Torsa reel collection.

The Shimano TLD 30 is a 2-speed reel with two high gear ratios that features a 4:1 ratio while the low gear and pure cranking capacity is 1.7:1.



HEG offers exceptional power and durability for train drives under load. It is exceptionally suitable for big fish hunts.

Super Stopper offers unrivaled strike power to the angler that is extremely effective when fishing at significant depths.

The VBS casting control system is great for anglers who want to cast a lot. Backlash minimizes making bird nests during fishing practice.

The anodized finish not only looks impressive but will also secure your Torium along with the powerful Hagane model structure, which makes the fishing reel more immune to impacts for the duration of its working lifespan.

Overhead range of the Shimano Torium A HG is very difficult to get past. The low slung compact unit is potent and structured for speed and power. Overhead enthusiasts will love the refined feeling that comes in the packaging of heavy artillery. With your strong, blue water sports fishing applications, the Torium is a must-have item.


The Penn Squall Level Wind Trolling Fishing Reel provides excellent performance in a range of saltwater circumstances, whether floating, chunking, sharking, or trolling. Based on the heritage of the legendary Penn GT collection of reels, this flexible trolling reel provides the same verified value in a more compact box. The sustainable yet compact graphite structure offers superior strength while avoiding adding bulk to your chain, whereas the powerful all-metal gear train provides a smooth run.

The HT-100 drag system stays smooth and gentle under the pressure of high weights, supplying a number of hard dragging organisms with the finesse and strength needed to subdue them. Use both sides of each drag washer, this revolutionary drag device provides efficient and smooth drag across the entire drag path. Likewise, to ensure long-lasting efficiency, each drag washer is handled with an exclusive grease

The Penn Squall Level Wind Trolling Reel is designed for flexibility and adapts effortlessly to a wide range of angling circumstances. The Versa-Handle helps you to alter the length of the handle easily, so that you can adjust your rod according to your strategies and baits? 

The reel comes with all the equipment needed to adjust the handles

The Squall Level Wind Trolling Reel with its two stainless steel ball bearings provides efficient operation and a quick cranking. The immediate anti-reverse bearing helps eradicate rotor back play, helping you to place the hook without interference and roll in your pick.

This trolling reel includes a braid-ready, forged, and machined aluminum spool. And thanks to the line capacity rings labeled with 1/3, 2/3 and the maximum; you can quickly see how much line remains


A corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates are used by Daiwa Seagate Conventional Reels to house a rugged, workhorse gear train. The aluminum spool starts quickly, but the centrifugal braking mechanism holds it under control. Seagate is an all-around, perfect reel at a really fair price.

Conventional Daiwa Seagate Reels Features:

  • Three ball bearings CRBB immune to corrosion with roller bearing 
  • spool of Anodized aluminium 
  • Composite frame resistant to corrosion 
  • Robust brass gears, helical cutting for smooth and efficient winding 
  • Drag System of UT Carbon 
  • Brake on centrifugal spool 
  • Dual Unlimited Anti-Reverse Mechanism


This PENN General Purpose Level Wind serves as a great addition to any fishing supply collection. This PENN 209 level wind reel offers versatility and performance, and is an effective method to use while youre out on the water.

It is a great tool for going fishing with both freshwater and saltwater and should be used casting or trolling methods The elegant and streamlined nature paired up with a practical reel making this PENN wind level 309 m reel critical.

It is built of rugged products, like stainless steel, metal-cutting machine, and machined and anodized aluminum spool. This item works well with drag washers HT-100.



The Accurate Valiant BV-400 Jigging Reel is the first of a whole new range of CVX-engineered reels. It has been developed with reliable, practical performance and established itself internationally in a short time. 

The curved design of the frame and side plate enabled an incredibly light and yet robust reel design. Besides being the most lightweight series of reels on the market, the Valiant has an incredible free-spool that allows you to fish the reel all day long and focus on fighting the fish, not your tackle. The BV-400 offers the perfect mix of recovering speed and cranking strength with its 6:1 gear ratio.

The Valiant is even fitted with the pleasant “power handle” of Reliable, which allows it more comfortable to operate on certain fish with lures or cranks-even though conditions are damp and slimy. The reel also boasts the latest easy-find “Cam Pause” feature from Reliable – a fail-safe function that stops the angler from heading too deep into complete drag during the heat of war. Instead of locating stops at free-spool and strike, this reel has a secure indent in the drag cam that prevents the drag lever from approaching full.

Hopefully, through this review, SAM AND MARY can help you have an overview of Conventional Reel For Bottom Fishing as well as some alternatives for a perfect fishing trip.  

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