Top 3 Best Children Fishing Rods in 2020

Fishing rods of adults require knowledge or experience in conditions that optimize their ability. As such, a fishing rod specifically geared for kids and young people is the best option. Now, SAM AND MARY ‘ll show you the top three best fishing rods for children by 2020.

They are small, lightweight, and affordable, and they got an easy way of operating. The good news is that the manufacturers we have listed here provide a full fishing package at fairly low costs, with accessible structures. The primary purpose is to keep a child interested in fishing.

This not only boosts their chances of luring fish but also encourages them to explore different stuff. We have taken great care to include the best fishing rods either for children. We also held away from any who look enjoyable and may have an appealing cartoon-type finish but aren’t really beneficial in the long term.

Children Fishing Rod- Plusinno Youth Spinning Combo


The weights of the rods are 2.2 oz and 2.67 oz, which correspond to two separate lengths. The reel, with interchangeable handles, is just 6.58 oz. A small manual with the setup illustrating how to assembly the reel handle and the reel itself to the handle of the rod might be given (not always).

According to our tests, it is so easy that 8+ children were able to do it just by referring to the provided diagrams.



The combo primarily made of Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic (FRP) and other plastic parts that make them super lightweight. However, being made of plastic doesnt compromise its quality or makes it fragile. This combination will satisfy the time test in comparison to the trendy cartoon rods and cartridges there.

The reel has a solid metal bail string, as well. Plusinno also provides excellent customer service and takes great care of their clients grievances.


There are four sections of the telescopic rod in the right positions, and the reel comes with a pre-spooked and mono string of approximately 6 lb. Both rods and reels are responsive to fish bites which make things easier for kids to identify the touch of fish. As a result , it reduces the chance of missing a fish after a bite since it is a wonderful signal to set the hook in

The combo aims at catching small, and lightweight fish and the reel can be considered moderate operation. There are two choices of rod length available: 1,15 M or 1,5 M. Initially, the reel may make some unexpected sound but will almost noiseless with use. Perhaps it would be a matter of grease spreading and improper settling.

It also has a deep aluminium spool of double colour, and a gear ratio of 5.2:1. While this roller is wide in line, it is not able to cast much further. Some children resulted in line tangles after many attempts to fish so they decided to cut some line. Nobody wants to make it a birds nest.

Cost Warning & Repair

The whole mix lasts relatively long as we compare it with those that are usually used for kids to go fishing. This is tidily packaged in a high-quality package that avoids unsafe storing activities and preserves the installation as long as necessary.

With a belt roll strap within the bag, the pole is secured, and the poles head has a secure sleeve. As intended to be used by children, they provide a plastic construction that will be relevant to some rough use. It will definitely leave your children the earliest wonderful memories of fishing.


 Except for the rod and the reel we get such a lot of things, i.e. a box which includes a few baits, sinkers, stoppers, bobbers, lures, and fantastic hooks. Too many amazingly good things at a phenomenal cost make these youth combinations certainly an enticing investment.

Children Fishing Rod – LANAAK Kids Fishing Combo


The rod handle is a soft-EVA grip which gives little children a secure grip so they won’t tire for a long time even after fishing with this fishing set. It is also caused by the fact that such a combo is normally compact and enjoyment to fish with. Even so, the reel handle is made of plastic.

It is easy to hold the telescopic fishing reel, as it folds to 17 inches. And for a variety of ages, this is great as it can expand up to 65 inches. Included was a folding bag for packing and transportation.The full package suits under a baby carrier or even in a backpack. Therefore, this kit is excellent for family vacations that include hiking and camping!


Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) again make up the construction material. For most situations, the combination fits fine, but the system certainly has established durability issues. For example, after a few trips, the pole isn’t as sturdy as it should be and has high risks of breaking after a few outings

Furthermore, we didnt notice that the reel structure was strong enough to withstand the impact of more than a few drops. While rugged stamina of use is believed to be one of the most primary features in a childrens fishing pair, this fishing set seems to lack.

Otherwise, this combo works well enough during the time it works.


This fully equipped package has all that your child wants to start fishing for. This fishing combo is beginner-friendly with a closed-face, pre-spooled spin-cast reel with 200 feet of an 8-lb test line, and easy to cast for all as it offers the push-button casting system.

A hand net guarantees constant minnows availability and nonstop entertainment (even though the fish isnt biting). To make your fishing trip an enjoyable and stress-free experience, the manufacturers have provided a Lanaak Fishing Starter Guide. This offers simple examples, easy-to-read illustrations, and a variety of tips and strategies to fish with a partner.


Cost Warning & Repair

Since the rods reliability is very doubtful, it, therefore, bears a high cost of maintenance and repair. Furthermore, reel jamming again wastes our energy. The effort that should have been used capturing more fish would be lost on fixing reel issues.

A silver lining, though, is a money-back guarantee of 30 days. And if you’re not pleased with the quality, inform the suppliers for a substitute or give it back it for a total refund.


Fortunately, the price is in the same range as the other fishing combinations suggested here despite the fact that a lot of additional stuff has been provided. It bears a price youd be shelling out quite comfortably.

Children Fishing Rod – UGLY STIK GX2 Spinning Youth Combo


With a two-piece rod, this fishing combo is easy to carry around and travel with. The separated EVA grip is designed to provide kids with a secure hold. Especially with the pretty lightweight of the whole combo, it ensures that even after long hours of fishing, the kids do not feel tired.


This is a robust hybrid made of a structure of graphite and fibreglass. The standard Hideous Stik GX2 is well recognized for its longevity, and its little variant certainly follows in its footsteps.

As children maybe a little reckless in using this product, any youth fishing combo should be designed to fit that


The combination includes a six-inch bar with five feet that can prove to be tough for very young children to use. Shakespeare basically designed a combo suitable for use by children over 8 years of age. Kids below that could be having a tough time with it. It is a spinning rod of medium action having Ugly Stiks signature Clear Tip ® design.

Therefore, you can be sure your child can spot even the smallest nibble and strike. Once they don’t drop fish, they will possibly become keener on fishing while becoming more secure in their choices. Additionally, the reel provided has anodized aluminum spool.

There is now only one ball bearing, which is not really a con, because the reel is installed so that it is sufficient, and more bearing would interrupt the operation. The casts and reversals are also very nice. The interchangeable handles suitable for both left and right-handed children so they can enjoy this combo of fishing.

The reel has a full capacity of 145 meters per 6 lbs.

Price of repairs and maintenance 

While the combo rod is unbelievably renowned for its performance, and also the reel   It needs careful cleaning, and must, therefore, be secured against saltwater. Besides, the rod is not as sturdy. The pin, though, will completely fascinate you with its versatility and will not bother you at all.


The price is very reasonable, and despite getting a world-class rod, it doesnt burn a hole in your wallet. The first step your child takes in fishing with this combination should demonstrate to them just what longevity in a fishing rod entails.

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