Top 10 Best Carp Baits – How to Catch Carp?

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Were going to talk about carp baits now. Theres lots of information. However, today is about my absolute favorite carb baits. So SAM AND MARY is going to go through the list of my favorite baits in order and explain why theyre my favorite baits.

Best Carp Baits – Panko jello sweet corn pack bait

Number one on my list of favorite baits is my Panko jello sweet corn pack bait. One of the reasons why I love this bait so much is its so easy to find. Ive been all over the world fishing for Carp

In pretty much any grocery store, you can find breadcrumbs, you can find some sort of gelatin dessert mix, and you can find sweet corn.

 I like to use jello bran gel and I like the strawberry flavors. But you can use just about any flavor you want whether its grape or pineapple or cherry or strawberry. But the red flavors, the cherry and strawberry, tend to be my favorite. 

If you are in a real pinch and you cant find gelatin, you can use kool-aid or some sort of flavored drink mix. 

If youre in a place where you cant find breadcrumbs, just stick a loaf of bread into a blender, and itll make a really fine mix of bread crumbs and that works just as well. 

If its fresh bread, just use less moisture in the mix. If its dried bread, thats pretty much Panko to make the mix. Its super easy; you just take the dry ingredients and mix them all together and then add the wet grains.


Typically I use sweet corn. I drain off about half the water and add it to the mix and you mix it until its moist enough that it can form into a ball. 

Depending on how much jello and panko, you use depends on how much of the corn juice. You need to use it in the mix, but just put a little bit at a time until it forms a nice ball and then give it a few minutes to set up. Properly youre off to the races. 

This mix will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on whether or not you refrigerate it.

 If youre in a place where youre not allowed to use corn, you can use garbanzo beans or chickpeas you can use maple peas, Canadian peas, garden peas, birdseed. Just about any grain will work pretty well.

 You can even throw boilies in instead of corn if youd like, but corn works well. Its easy to find and its cheap, so thats my go-to additive into my Panko pack bait. 

The Panko packed bait is called a pack bait because you pack it into a ball. You take the ball of bait. You smack it around the lead and then you stick the hook into it. You cast it out, and it breaks up and acts as a little bit of a chump, so that your hook bait is in this nice little pile of jello and bread and corn. 

Its a great way to catch fish works, great for Carp and catfish. My biggest channel catfish at 23 pounds was caught on this bait. Ive caught hundreds and hundreds of Carp all over the world on this bait, and it works fabulously. 

One of the nice things about it is because its a packed bait, You dont have to worry about chumming your air area every time you cast youre coming.

Additionally, in some states, youre not allowed to chum bait. But if you read the definition of chum very carefully in some states, chum is defined as any bait thats not attached to your hook. 

If you pack a ball of chum around your hook. Its attached to the hook. Therefore youre not technically chumming, so pack bait is a great way to get around some of the strict chumming laws. 

Ive got three rods out fishing for Carp. But Im using my favorite Panko jello sweet corn packmate, but you know, theres lots of different recipes you can use.

 You can use instant oatmeal instead of Panko. You can use soy meal, you can use grits, and theres just a lot of options. If its made of grain. Its probably going to work for Carp. 

Best Carp Baits – Sweet corn and feed corn

Number two on my list of absolute favorite baits has to be corn both sweet corn and feed corn. Theyre just great baits that have caught a lot of Carp all over the world. There are, unfortunately, a lot of myths about corn, whether it harms fish or not. 

One of the reasons why I like corn so much is its easy to get a hold of sweet corn. It can be found in just about any grocery store you go to. You can put it in your bag and just have it there until youre ready to use it. It seems to work well in a lot of different places. 

Feed corn is about as cheap of a bait as you can ask for a 50-pound bag of dehydrated.  

I like feed corn better than sweet corn. If youre in a place, we have a lot of bluegill or trout or little fish that you dont want to catch. The larger kernels are harder for them to swallow. Only the Carp and the catfish tend to mess around with the feed corn. 

Turtles tend to mess a lot with corn. If youre in a place where you catch a lot of turtles, make sure you use a hair rig. Otherwise, youre going to end up hooking a lot of turtles. 

A hair rig is a special carp fishing rig where you put the bait on a bit of string that dangles off the shank as opposed to piercing the corn with the point of the hook. 

Youll get a much better hook set with a hair rig. The fish have a harder time detecting the hook, which is important if youre fishing for shy Carp. You wont hook bluegills and turtles, which is a big plus in my area. 

I like to boil the feed corn because it makes it larger it makes it easier to chew, which I think it makes it more appealing. I used to think that the feed cord would expand in the water or expand in the fishs stomachs. 

But I did some experiments with this and feed corn actually expands very little if you put it in cold water. Even for days you have to boil it to get it to swell up substantially. 

You can use dried feed corn if you want for chum, and a lot of people do this, and it works just fine. But its hard to get it on a hair rig if its dried. I just prefer to boil it. 

Sweet corn doesnt last very long once you take it out of a can, it tends to almost immediately shrivel up unless you put some sort of brine or preservative in it.

I like to use one of the procure corn brines. I think its called like the Kokanee corn kill or die or something like that. 

It works well in preserving the sweet corn if you want to use the sweet corn and not have it shrivel up. Thats a great way to keep it preserved. 


I also like to fish with imitation corn on my actual hook. Ill use real corn as chum, but Ill have a piece of fake plastic corn on my hook, and thats nice because the fish cant steal it.

You dont have to rebate your hook after each fish. Its always just ready to go. I can just leave it in my garage with the fake plastic corn on it, then pull it out and fish with it whenever Im ready. 

When you boil up your feed corn, you can add a lot of things like molasses and sugar jello flavors. It helps a little bit. But Ive never really noticed a big difference. 

I know some people swear by it, but its just something thats never particularly worked well for me. But it does make your corn rot faster. If you boil the corn with nothing on it and you put it in the refrigerator, it will last a month. 

If you add sugar-based additives, itll ferment very quickly, and I find the Carp prefer fresh corn over fermented corn, also feed corn is a great catfish bait. Ive caught a lot of catfish on feed corn.

Best Carp Baits – Pigeon feed

Number three on my list, a favorite car bait, has to be pigeon feed. I like the pigeon feed that doesnt have sunflower seeds in it. Its just tons of small little particles that the Carp can just sit there and pick out and eat. 

Theres a little bit of everything, so the carboys have something that they like; the biggest downside to pigeon feed is it doesnt usually have great bits in it, something that you can put on your hook. 

I like to take boiled feed corn and mix a little bit of it in with the pigeon feed and chum it out.

The main purpose of using pigeon feed versus feed corn is that the smaller particles take longer for the Carp to find. If you want to draw a carp in and keep them rooting around and searching for food longer, use smaller particles like pigeon feed.

Another advantage of pigeon feed is you dont have to boil it.

You can just put it in a five-gallon bucket, cover it with water let it soak for overnight, thatll be just fine. 

The only reason you need to soak it at all, its because if you throw dry pigeon feed in the water, about 20 percent of it will float to the surface. It just doesnt sink very fast, so I like to soak it, so that it hits bottom properly. 

Best Carp Baits – Bread

Number four on my list of favorite Car Baits has to be bread. Ive had some real fun catching Carp on bread.

Particularly when your site casting or you fishing on the surface and you want to have a carp come up and grab that food off the surface. You get in a place where people feed ducks and throw bread in the water like a little park pond, thats often a perfect place to do it.

It seems like no matter where you go; Carp always love bread.

The biggest downside to bread and the reason why it is it at higher on my list is that it falls off the hook easily, and everything else likes to steal it.

 If you have bluegill, theyll strip the bread off so quick. The Carp wont get a chance. 

If youre anywhere near ducks, you should not be fishing bread on the surface. Otherwise, youre going to be catching yourself a lot of ducks and thats not fun.

One of the things that you can do to keep small fish from stealing the bread off your hook is to use fake bread. Use a piece of white foam; it looks like a shredded up piece of white bread and put that on your hook. You can throw out real pieces of bread to kind of chum, it gets the fish rising and then throw out your foam. 

If a bluegill hits it, its not going to take it. When Im fishing for bread, Im usually site carp. You have to be stealthy and I like to free line the bread, which means I dont have anything on my line other than a hook. 

Usually, Im using clear fluorocarbon or a very clear subtle monofilament something as thin as I can. Because those Carp can see that line and see that hook and theyll be scared away. 

If you have trouble casting just a bare hook with a little piece of white bread on it, one thing you can do is dunk the bread and a little bit of water. Ill give it a little bit extra weight so that you can cast a little bit further. 

Ill tell you what sight casting for carp on the surface is just amazing. Its one of the funniest ways to catch a fish. Just watching a big old carp come up and suck that bread right off the surface, it blows your mind. Its just a hoot.

Best Carp Baits – Zig Rigs

Number 5 on my list of favorite car Baits isnt technically a bait, its a lure, but its a zig rig. 

Zig Rigs is a class of lures that are used to catch Carp. Theyre just little bits of foam usually, but theyre all buoyant, and what you do is you take the lead, usually a fixed lead. Then you have some floating leader and then this buoyant hook on the end and your fishing lure that floats off the bottom.

It can be anywhere from a few inches to 20 feet off the bottom. What it is is the way of fishing, the carpet whatever depth theyre at. 

If the Carp arent eating on the bottom you dont fish on the bottom. You fish at whatever depth theyre eating at. These little zig rigs look like little boatmen or floating, snails or insects or tadpoles, a variety of things, and the Carp have them right in front of their nose. And they just come up meet them, you dont have any scent or bait. 

You dont have to chum anything just using a piece of black foam. Sometimes it can be amazing. The funny thing about this is it works in murky water. And it works at the dead of night. I have caught some amazing fish using black foam on a moonless night. It just blows my mind how the Carp even ever saw the lure. It works well, and one of the nice things is theres no chumming involved. 

You dont have to worry about baiting up a spot if you want to try to find and move around a bunch as zig rigs perfect. 

If you just cast it, let it sit. Dont get a bite pick upcast it somewhere else why not right. Theres no chum over there, so theres no commitment to that spot.

Additionally, if youre in a place that doesnt allow chum, use a zig rig when youre fishing in the middle of the day. Often, youll see Carp cruising around the surface, and theyre just not interested in anything, thats when you use a zig rig, thats the perfect time to use a zig rig. 

The main thing with zig rigs is just making sure you put them at the right depth, and to do that, you can use things like a marker float. Use the marker float to figure out your depth; then, you can tie up a leader that puts your zig rig at the right depth. 

Those are my top five carp baits but there are some honorable mentions didnt make in the list: 

Best Carp Baits – Earthworms 

Earthworms is a great one, carp love earthworms. 

The biggest reason why I usually dont use worms is everything loves earthworms and you end up catching bullheads in catfish and bluegill and trout and everything but Carp, because all the little stuff wants to eat your earthworms first. 

If youre in a spot where you have just Carp and not a lot of little fish, earthworms are really awesome, especially if it is a place where the Carp arent used to being fished. 

Best Carp Baits – Boilies

Its a nice natural eight boilies are also a classic car bait over in the UK. Most fishers are fishing for big Carp using boilies here in the US. The Carp arent used to seeing boilies, and youre kind of have to train them that boilies are food. 

If you have the money and the inclination and you dont mind catching catfish like me, then these are great bait. 

Theres also things like spam chicken liver pepperoni that are also decent carp baits. 

Best Carp Baits – Floating dog biscuits

Over the UK, floating dog biscuits are popular. But its a brand of dog biscuits, we dont have here in the US, Ive tried them here in the US, they dont work particularly well at least my experience, Id rather just us bread.

There are also things like tiger nuts, which have nothing to do with male tigers. 

There is a little grassy bulb thats common over in Europe and North Africa that are used a lot in Europe. For fishing for Carp, they have to be imported. Here in the US, theyre very pricey, and there are just cheaper things that we can use instead here in the US. 

Thats why they merely get an honorable mention in my book. But any rate hopefully enjoy this sharing.

Hopefully, youll get out and catch some more carp. If you want to see all of our playlists about different Carp, fishing techniques and carp rigs and all that check out our webs!!

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